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Journey to the Magical Forest Charity Run


Our Journey Towards the Magical Forest Charity Run…

This was our very first time hosting such a huge event under our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Our previous efforts include improving the lives of children around the world by teaming up with Unicefhelping the stray animals, and other small but meaningful projects that made a difference.

Just in case you have no idea about our CSR projects, you can get more info here where will give back to society yearly by organizing meaningful activities to make a change. Our CSR projects will always aim to contribute to the community directly, and at the same time act as influencers to drive awareness and educate people on various issues from the environment to society.

This year, we chose to focus on the environment aspect. To reach a wider audience, we extended our messages online through a fun social campaign called Hug A Plant Challenge to raise awareness on the environment and also to kick start the charity run. If you haven’t joined the challenge, please act immediately! Saving the environment starts from you and me.


We encourage you to join #HugAPlantChallenge to make a move to care for the environment.


Back to the story. We boldly started this tough journey and the one thing that made this event a success is the PEOPLE. Everyone was being extremely supportive and contributed to the event in many ways – from our top management down to every employee in the office. Of course, we also had some of our publishers and brands to back us up by sponsoring and promoting the event.

Many people might not know, but we spent more than half a year to get this event running – from planning all the way to execution.  It wasn’t easy, however, we DID it.

Another thing we’re very proud of is that we did all the decorations by ourselves! From brainstorming  ideas to creating the actual items took us a whole month. Our goal for doing all these was to give all the participants a great experience on the event day and of course, raise as much funds as possible for the environment.

Here are a few photos of the team behind the scenes, giving their all to make this run possible! #INNITIANS #ROCK

The team also tirelessly packed over a thousand refreshment packs to ensure that our runners will not get hungry after run. However, we knew all our blood, sweat and tears – everything we went through, was worth it when we saw many runners happy and satisfied with the event, and that our efforts have made a good contribution to the environment.

Positive reviews from runners that made our day.


We do appreciate everyone involved in the event, and would like to express our deepest gratitude for the generous support from the team, sponsors and volunteers. Till next time!