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July 2016: POPA Channel Hong Kong is Innity’s Featured Publisher of the Month

POPA Channel, originally started up in a Facebook page and a YouTube channel in April 2015, which was founded by 5 ordinary parents devoted to promote positive parenting by sharing their research on academic journals and knowledge of parenting and children development through simplified and creative ways – video and animated images.


Name: Harold Leung 

Position: Co-founder for POPA Channel

1. Let’s start with the basics. In your own words, what is POPA Channel all about?

POPA” comes from the first 2 letters of each word in “positive parenting”. We produce videos to explain various parenting concepts and create a community to promote the attitude of positive parenting.

2. What inspired you to start POPA Channel?

When I first became a father 6 years ago, I was thinking about questions like “What makes a good parent?,” “How can I raise my child so that he could develop to his fullest potential?” However, as most first-time parents, I have zero knowledge and experience in parenting. Babies are not born with a user manual, so I started reading a lot on parenting. I found that there is abundant of valuable knowledge from the academia that could help parents to be better parents. However, I also know that most parents do not have the time to read all those not so entertaining contents, which I then realized there was a need to have a media to relay all these useful information to the general public; in an easily understandable way.

3. What were your main challenges in starting the site and how did you overcome them?

Well one thing’s for sure, I know nothing more about website and internet than a common user. I overcame it by hiring professionals to make this site work.

4. Who are your targeted audience/readers?

Parents, would-be-parents and those to care about parenting.

5. As a publisher, what challenges are you currently facing in this dynamic online industry ie. ad blocking?

Our contents are mainly in Cantonese, which limits us from accessing to the global market. We are currently working on our plans to translate our contents into Mandarin and English.

6. What is your strategy to stand out among your competitors?

We do not intend to compete on traffic, sales, conversions etc. Our mission is to help parents to be better parents and we focus on self-developed contents that our audience will find value in. We believe that when we create quality content, our community will grow organically.

7. What kind of contents do you look into when it comes to building up your site?

Usually the contents that our audience would find value in them and practical to their daily lives.

 8. Other than your very own, what are your favourite websites that you would usually go to?

TED, Facebook, Google. There are always new and interesting things to see and learn about every single day.

 9. What do you like about working with Innity so far?

They are a team of professional people and they are very good at what they do.

10. What is POPA Channel’s vision for the future of media ?

Don’t really have a vision for this but I guess it will be completely different from what we have today.

11. What does POPA Channel hope to achieve in the coming years?

Definitely to extend our reach from online to offline.