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Innity’s Campaign of the Month [September]

Creativity can put your campaigns right in front of your audience.

Take a look at some of our favorite creative marketing campaigns we did in September!




We helped Oris create a creative yet engaging canvas for their audience. In order to do both at the same time successfully, we’ve recommended them to take up Innity’s E-bar. Once the user lands their cursor on the ad, it loads automatically after three counts and expands into a Over The Page (OTP) ad with a 15-second promotional video. Users could click through to the site to learn more about the watch.

Advertiser: Oris Taiwan Ltd
Product: Innity E-bar (OTP)




One of the best part about having Innity’s Lightbox to promote your campaign is that you get to include the extra engagement with the users by adding in games for them to play with. For example, to promote Inferno, we created a game within the Lightbox where users had to complete a puzzle within 20 seconds to ‘help to foil a deadly global plot’! There was also an option to watch the trailer for the movie.

Advertiser: Sony Pictures
Agency: OMD (M) Sdn Bhd
Product: Innity Lightbox




Toyo Tires promoted their campaign with our new mobile ad format, Mobile Cards. The ad floats at the bottom of the page and users could slide left or right to view all the card contents from Toyo.

Advertiser: Toyo Tire Malaysia
Agency: Omnicom Media Group (M) Sdn Bhd
Product: Innity Mobile Cards




The beauty of having Innity’s Lightbox to promote the campaign is that you get to display a variety of content like videos, photo galleries, and contests – which was what Warehouse did. In the ad, there was a section for users to look into the designer’s short profile, and a promotional video. Furthermore, to increase users’ favourability on the latest collection, a contest was created to encourage them browse through the designs.

Advertiser: Warehouse
Agency: Starcom Media Worldwide
Product: Innity Lightbox


KFC Bargain Feast [MY]

With Innity’s Over The Page, KFC was able to utilize the high-impact, interactive ad unit to generate brand awareness and create huge awareness for their latest campaign. Upon the ad loading, users were prompted to pick a tool to hit the wallet with! All in good fun to bring out their latest Bargain Feast promo :)

Advertiser: KFC_QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Agency: IPG Mediabrands Sdn Bhd
Product: Innity Over The Page