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Introducing Our Latest Products – In-Read Native & In-Read Video

We understand how important it is for you to really engage with your audience.

Hence, we would like to introduce another set of our latest products, In-Read Native & In-Read Video that are specially geared to captivate and engage!

Let’s start off with:




In-Read Native ad appears within the article content on your page and expands upon user engagement.


#in-stream placement


How it works: 

The ad expands into a full-size ad automatically. However, users are also allowed to minimize the ad just in case the users prefer to focus on the article on the page after that.

Check out the demo to experience it yourself!




In-Read Video appears as users scroll through the content, the video starts to play only when it is at least 50% in-view.




How it works:

The ad will be shown within the article or in-between the paragraphs with a countdown timer on the top right. Once the countdown has hit zero, a pause button appears for users wanting to pause the content. They can also opt to replay the video or go to the landing URL once the video has ended.

Check out the demo to experience it yourself!

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