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[December 2016] Innity Featured Publisher of the Month

Hungry Geeks is a website inspired by geeks hungry for anything especially technology, food, movies, events and cars. They provide the latest breaking news and gadget reviews straight from every industry. We’re happy to have a short interview session with them. Let’s see what they had to say!



Name: Eason De Guzman

Position: Author

1) Let’s start with the basics. In your own words, what is Hungry Geeks all about?

Hungry Geeks is a blog site that aims to provide a different perspective of being a geek. Commonly a geek is referred to someone who is a “know-it’all” that have their own lives. But we wanted to share our experiences as geeks though our blog – what is it like to experience the latest smartphones, laptops, gadgets, taste incredible food, watch exclusive screenings and even drive awesome cars.

2) What inspired you to start Hungry Geeks?

In the growing blogging community of the Philippines, we needed to be different and our inspiration was a name that could commonly describe the four members. We all have great passion in tech and one time while eating together we decided upon “Hungry Geeks” as we’re geeks hungry for tech, food and more.


3) Who are your targeted audience/readers?

Our readers are surprisingly different, aside from hard-core tech fans we also have a great fan-base of gamers. In the initial progress of our site, our readers are mostly gamers and tech enthusiasts. But it eventually grew as well to food and movie lovers as we added more content to the site.

4) What kind of content do you look into when it comes to building up your site?

Our pledge in Hungry Geeks is not to write any hard-sell content, that’s why we create our own angle despite receiving hundreds of branded press releases. Everyone is a geek in their own special way, that’s why we build up anything interesting to our perspective and share them to other geeks.


5) As a publisher, what were your main challenges and how did you overcome them?

Our main challenge is how to be different from other tech blogs, we began with reviews of products that aren’t high-faulting and easy to understand. Eventually, our efforts paid off because of our friendly, clean and non-intimidating delivery.


6) What is your strategy to stand out among your competitors?

We also started to be different by incorporating lifestyle into our photos. We don’t just take photos of the subject as we try to include toys, other gadgets and even create a flat lay to make it stand out.  We’re also a team of 4 who has a lot of background in marketing, digital and even teaching. Before Hungry Geeks was just a hobby on the side, but since it grew this year we have leveraged our skills with our background in the market to make it even bigger.


7) Other than your very own, what are your favourite websites that you would usually go to , and why?

International – as they proved that they don’t have to be the 1st to have engagement. It’s the right mix of content, resources and sources to pull off a great website.
Local – & as Abe Olandres the owner of the side is one of our boss / mentors before, we love to see how the local tech blogging industry shifts from time to time.

8) What other limitations or flaws do you find in the digital industry? What do you think the industry needs to grow?

Philippines has one of the the highest population for Facebook, we even have the longest time spent on Facebook in the world. This only proves that the Philippines is digitally adapted, unfortunately we are hindered by the problems of expensive and slow internet that slows our potential as a country.

If only our government can create laws that will help our local telcos lay out more cables and build up cell sites without any red tape, then we have a more progressive digital life.

On the other side, the enthusiasm of Filipinos to entertain never fails to show online and offline, as we love selfies and seeing viral videos…let’s not forget that we also show a person behind any lens and their privacy is important as well.

9) What do you like about working with Innity so far?

Working with Innity is nice, they value our feedback as content creators to be heard as we are more likely to know our audience more than others. In the end the point is to create content that is engaging and not hard-sell so we hope to do more of that with Innity soon.


10) What is Hungry Geeks’s vision for the future of Media?

Right now, we need to separate what is truth from what is false. 2016 has proven that a digital army can either win or destroy a person. Hopefully, with all social media platforms joining to create a better eco-system…we can have a more content worthy, shareable and engaging media through unique personalization.


11) What does Hungry Geeks hope to achieve in the coming years?

Hungry Geeks aims to be one of the top tech-lifestyle blogs in the Philippines, with our growing delivery base of content through videos, articles and even partnerships with brands is a great start.