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Industry Round Up: Header Bidding

Okay, so explaining on the various aspects on how exactly programmatic advertising works can be problematic. New technology, complete with strange new terms pop up every other month, trying to out do each other. This time around, currently on the hot seat, is Header Bidding and it has proven to be one of the key areas to discuss this year.

Hence, do not be left behind! However, Here’s a quick round up of articles specially curated for you to get you up to speed on the header bidding font. Read on to see how much of a benefit is header bidding, what are the drawbacks and why should you care!


What is Header Bidding – And Why Should Publishers Care?


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First, just what is Header Bidding? Is it part of programmatic? Well, the answer is yes. It is a type of inventory bid management that allows publishers to offer first look and bid opportunity to multiple programmatic partners that is then carried through to the publishers ad server. Read More

The Promise of Header Bidding: Opening Up Premium Inventory to Programmatic Channels


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By implementing header bidding, publishers and app developers are able to expose every single impression to a programmatic marketplace. Many sellers are already reporting 40-50-percent increases in CPMs, and buyers have a new ability to bring their data to bear across multiple inventory sources. Read More..

If You Build It They Will Come: A Call For Header Bidding In Video

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Waterfalls rule. They’re beautiful in nature—so they must be beautiful in ad tech as well, right? Just kidding. Death to the waterfall, I declare! It depends on how you perceive it, but yes, we get it – header bidding is a big deal and worth your time. What the industry hasn’t discussed much is header bidding in video—and that, my friends, is where we all stand to gain the most by killing the waterfall. Read More…

The Buy-Side Guide to Header Bidding

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As publishers embraced header bidding, many programmatic buyers observed the trend from the sidelines. Since header bidding boosts yield for publishers by increasing competition, it follows that buyers may be paying more. Read More..

Does Header Bidding Benefit Buyers?

Real Time Bidding

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Much has been written this year about how header bidding benefits the sell side. However, the question still remains; does header bidding actually increase reach for buyers? Here’s a case study to put header bidding to test for the buy side! Read More..