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Inside Innity: Our Culture

Innity was founded in 1999 in Malaysia with less than 10 employees. Now, 17 years and over 270 staff later, we’re stronger than ever with offices spread out in eight countries in APAC. And the one thing that ties us together is of course our Innity culture. In Innity, we do more than work together – we laugh, we cry, we celebrate, we play, we party, we innovate, we learn, we fail, we succeed – TOGETHER. We always try to make sure everyone feels involved. We’re OHANA! #noonegetsleftbehind

So, here’s a peek at how we are at work :P

Fun Working Environment

It goes without saying that Innitians know how to have fun. We dress up for random themed days, take our Halloween parties very seriously, go on crazy company trips, have planking competitions, go for picnics, and the list goes on!

Innity’s rule? Work hard, play harder.


We even have a themed dress code specially to make our Monday blues not so blue :) 


Yeap, we’re all hyper.  


Our cute lil Innity Super Marios during Halloween <3



We believe that everyone deserves a chance to voice out their opinions and thoughts, whether they are new or old employees, experienced or not; sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes offer the most enlightening perspective. From there, we take a collaborative effort to strive for perfection in everything we do.

“It is a great place for newbies to learn!” – one of our Innitian



Flexibility is our middle name! There’s no need for formal attires to work whether it is Monday or Friday. But of course, unless anyone is required to meet clients, then yes, pakai lah cantik-cantik (dress nicely).

But more importantly, Innity is a place where everyone is given opportunities to explore different departments to maximize their respective potential.


Healthy Lifestyle 

We’re not gonna lie; when you’re an Innitian, it’s a lil hard for you not to gain at least a bit of weight. There’s always a variety of snacks to munch! BUT FRET NOT! We have a counter measure which comes in a form of badminton sessions every Monday, and company sponsored marathons!

Sometimes (admittedly, not often enough), we have our healthy days where we try our best to promote clean eating in the office. Healthy employees, happy employees!