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A Day In the Life of Head of Sales in Innity Singapore

He is one who is filled with integrity, accountability, and character. And everywhere he goes, he leaves a mark. He is none other than King Huat, Head of Sales in Innity Singapore. “I am extremely happy and proud to be here – a place where I can continuously improve and grow,” he said. Besides working, he likes reading and jogging. Let’s get to know him!


1. What are your key tasks as a Head of Sales at Innity Singapore?

My key tasks are to ensure we have a healthy P&L for Innity Singapore as Singapore is one of the key markets for Innity Group. At the same time, I need to make sure that we have a sustainable business strategy to continuously grow year-on-year. Besides that, I need to work closely with our local Business Development team, Operation team, and Finance team to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone is aligned. Also, I have to work with headquarters to provide constants updates about the industry as most of our APAC clients or partner are based here.

2. What comprises a typical day for you?

Every morning I will need a cup of “Kopi O” with a good breakfast to begin my day. I used my travel time in the morning to prioritize all my tasks before I step into the office. I spend most of my time online to catch up on industry news, replying emails, and social media.

However, one of my KPIs that I have set for myself is to at least meet 1 client or partner a day just to catch up and maintain the relationship.

3. How did you land at Innity?

Before I joined Innity Singapore, I was with client-side looking after Digital Marketing and Strategies in the banking industry. Then one of my buddies in Innity approached me to join him in the company.

4. What’s the best thing about your job role?

Besides looking at P&L, I’m glad that I am working with the COOLEST DIGITAL PEOPLE! The most exciting part is I have the privilege to get first hand updates on upcoming products, good case studies from other markets to continue to improve myself. Another great part is that I have a holistic view in digital industry such insights, trends, competitor updates and interesting ad formats etc.

5. What are the challenges in your job role?

Digital industry is a fast, dynamic, and constantly evolving business – there are challenges every day whether it’s big or small. For my role, I always has to be think out of the box, quickly adapt to changes, problem-solving, and most importantly, always thinking positively and with the right attitude.

I truly believe that if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

6. Can you tell us about your passion for digital advertising and why you chose this industry?

I love working in the digital industry, and I am very passionate about digital. It’s an industry that continues to evolve, and provides new and interesting challenges.

I am lucky as I was from Client-side and moved into digital advertising. With that, I am able to apply my knowledge and experience from both ends in my current role to provide valuable input to clients.

7. Any advice to give to those who are interested in starting a career in digital advertising industry?

It’s an exciting time now! Digital advertising  is definitely going to be the future of marketing. However, we need young and talented people to work with us in this industry to continue to innovate, grow, engage and improve the overall digital experiences.

8. As a Head of Sales of Innity Singapore, how do you maintain a good working relationship with the team to ensure everyone works happily and productively?

As a department head in sales, if the team is happy, then our clients will benefit from them too!

A simple word – TRUST! I always believe in order to make big things happen, the only way is fully TRUST my team. When there is an issue, I will be there to solve it together with them; and when there something worth celebrating, we definitely will share with everyone within our group chat! Actually, my entire sales team consist of girls except me and all of them are CRAZY KOREAN drama fanatics. So, soon I will have to change my name to “Lee Min Huat”! Haha (hope they won’t see this)

However, I had promised my team that no matter how busy we are…we need to at least to have a lunch gathering once a month and an off-site gathering with other departments every quarter.

9. What Motivates You To Succeed?

“Persistence and determination” is the key drive in my role and career! We have to keep trying no matter how hard, and always learn from mistakes and failures because one day it will turn into something successful.

10. What Book Has Influenced You Most?

“Taking People with You: The Only Way to Make BIG Things Happen” (David Novak, Chairman and CEO of YUM! Brands) I really learned a lot on leadership skills, leading people, positive mind-set, achieving big goals etc as the biggest part of my role is dealing with people. Other than books, I have to say that my COO, Fabian Looa has greatly inspired me with his valuable experiences, leadership and management skills.

11. If you could recommend just one “must see” place for visitors in Singapore, what would it be and why?

Well, definitely have to visit Innity Singapore office as we have “Lee Min Huat” here! Haha…Just kidding! Gardens by the Bay – Singapore’s awe-inspiring 101 hectares garden. It’s the largest gardens which you may find many beautiful flowers and at night it will be transformed into a really colourful garden!

12. What is it like to be an Innitian?

I absolutely love being an Innitian – we work hard, play hard and drink even harder ;)