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An Innity Workshop: When Content Meets Technology

When Content Meets Technology: Content marketing should be a long-term commitment

A Networking Event in Singapore

Innity and Reworld Media hosted a networking event for brands in Singapore recently, to share insights on how technology can boost content.

When we think about digital marketing, we will think about display, search, social and email. Do you know what we need to make these channels work well? It’s content. We are overloaded with info in this digital age, hence, brands need to be creative and make optimal use of different channels in order to stand out from the rest at the same time reach a larger audience.

“The game is changing and it changes the ad business. 80% of our advertising campaigns are content-based which also includes data collection and activation to reach the right target audience. Video production (such as 360 degree video), social ad campaigns and shoppable content are some of the ways that advertisers today look forward to include in their content marketing strategy”, said Jeremy Parola, Chief Digital Officer of Reworld Media.

Mobility and easy internet access have increased content consumption which also caused information overload as everyone and anyone can be a content creator. In order to break the clutter and deliver brand messages effectively to target audience, content not only has to be creative, but also needs to include the help of technology.


“Brand content nowadays is fragmented, siloed and mostly inside of walled platforms in a way that has very little use for marketing and audience engagement. Marketers spend a lot of their marketing budget on social network platforms, however, the reach is limited and brands have no full control on audience data within these walled platforms. We need a technology, a tool to integrate, to aggregate, to engage and to amplify all of a brand’s owned content to effectively reach their target audience. And all this can be achieved through a content hub” said Fabian Looa, COO of Innity Sdn Bhd.

A content hub is a combination of brand content and digital technology, which could seamlessly pull in content from various sources such as social media sites, blogs, third party publishers and more. What is best about using a content hub is that brands no longer need to rely on external platforms to collect user data and insights. Marketers can also form a community for their audience, followers, influencers, buyers and potential buyers through the content hub.

To make content marketing work, brands really have to be in it for the long haul, as content marketing is a commitment, not just a campaign.

Here are some examples of content hub: Taiwan Tourism, Anantara Club, Bobbi Brown and more.

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