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A Day In The Life of Head of Sales in Innity Indonesia

He is a man who is ambitious and positive minded; he understands that challenging and overcoming one’s own self is better than competing and beating anyone else. He is Francisco, Head of Sales in Innity Indonesia. Want to know more about what he does? Let him give you all the details here :)


1. What are your key tasks as a Head of Sales at Innity Indonesia?

When we’re in the Sales, it means everyday we will be talking about numbers and targets. But basically my main task is to oversee the sales team to be able to support clients and brands. I also work closely with internal departments like Business Development, Ad Operations and Creative Team to make the overall jobs run smoothly.

2. What comprises a typical day for you?

I always start the day by checking my to-do list and calendar for meetings for the day, then I begin checking and replying e-mails. And maybe go to some meetings with clients and partners.

3. How did you land at Innity?

Simply because a friend who has already worked in Innity offered me a job here. And so I joined Innity Indonesia as Ad-Ops, which I found very fortunate to be a career starter in the digital industry.

4. What’s the best thing about your job role?

There are many new things to explore — it’s dynamic, it’s always changing. I can also meet new people and share new knowledge with those in this industry. Moreover, I can get special privileges to know new products and new technologies in the digital world.

5. What are the challenges in your job role?

Working with several clients from various fields obviously leads to different KPI(s) and objectives, which is challenging and interesting. And when you see the rapid growth of the digital industry in Indonesia, how you can support and be the right consultant for your clients is a thought-provoking challenge which motivates me to keep learning and growing.

6. Can you tell us about your passion for digital advertising and why you chose this industry?

Well I didn’t choose this industry at first hehe, but as I began to work as Ad-Ops, I found it to be rather fun. I’m happy and in love with digital advertising! And what makes love this industry more is that I can learn two things simultaneously: One is a chance to learn about technology which I loved so much, and the second one is marketing, which I’m constantly trying to learn more of too.

7. Any advice to give to those who are interested in starting a career in digital advertising industry?

Start NOW! This is the right time. If you’re the kind of person who like being in a dynamic industry filled with technology-related things, and love working with cool people, this industry is perfect for you :p

8. As a Head of Sales Department of Innity Indonesia, how do you maintain a good working relationship with the team to ensure everyone works happily and productively?

Communication matters. We chat a lot, not only talk about work but also few other things in life. Moreover, there are so many simple things we do together. Lunch, dinner, sports (weekly badminton, for example), and many other things. I want to commit to organize weekly, monthly, or even quarterly activities. Because when everybody’s happy, it’ll make a happy team and eventually a happy client.

9. What Motivates You To Succeed?

FAMILY. Yeah family is what motivates me the most to achieve success. But I always believe that hard work and effort, combined with some fortitude and discipline, will always path the way to success.

10. What Book Has Influenced You Most?

To be honest, I read books very rarely hehe, but if you insist to ask, the most influential ones is those biography books from successful people. But because I love football so much, I read more books from soccer players, hahahaha.

11. If you could recommend just one “must see” place for visitors in Indonesia, what would it be and why?

OF COURSE MANADO HAHA. Maybe because I came a long way from Manado, but seriously if you want something so pure, close-to-nature with spicy food, extreme culinary, or meeting gracious people, you have to come to MANADO, North Sulawesi – Indonesia.

12. What is it like to be an Innitian?

Innitian for me means “Family”. I love being a part of these friends I meet everyday, working together and having fun together.


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