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Presenting Innity’s Top Creatives [April]

We did some pretty cool creatives last month, and we thought we could share some of em’ with you! Not only is it creative, it goes along with the ad formats that we’ve chosen for the brands! Let’s take a look at campaigns from Swatch, Coppertone, Volvo, and New York Steak Shack.

Simply click on the links below to view the demo!

Swatch – Skin Collection, Responsive Over the Page, MY

Swatch with their SKIN collection has a minimalist style and nearly weightless design. With the options of choosing from so many colours, we chose a mobile ad format, Innity’s Responsive Over The Page to display the multiple colours of the watch available while synchronizing with the font colors. It allows the brand to attract the users’ attention by playing with bright colours. On top of that, it is a full-page mobile ad, it’ll be hard to miss ;)


Coppertone – Sunshine Academy, Lightbox, HK

Coppertone is a sunscreen brand, and to display so many of their products to the users, only one ad format comes to mind – Innity’s Lightbox. In this ad, we’ve managed to showcase a number of their products. Users could browse through the gallery with large photos and details of each product , plus, an option to watch the promotional video or to click to the website’s main page.


Volvo – The New Volvo S90 and V90, E-Bar Video, MY

There’s no other better way to display the beauty of the car than to use our video ad format, Innity’s E-Bar Video. It gives the users a sense of mystery, as the ad starts of as a teaser ad at the bottom of the page. It then loads and expands into an Over The Page ad upon user engagement. What’s great in this ad is that users had the option to choose which promotional video to watch, the luxury sedan S90 or, the reinvented motoring icon V90.


New York Steak Shack – Buy 1 Free 1, Site Take Over, MY

Don’t you feel hungry after looking at this?! So, NY Steak Shack came out with a 4-day campaign that urged their customers to go for their Buy 1 Free 1 promotion with 4 different options to pick. Hence, we’ve used Innity’s Site Take Over to do the job. It works like a video, where there’s no clicking needed. The pictures and descriptions of the food changes automatically.


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