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A Publisher Workshop: Monetizing Your Site with Effective Strategies

We know that having access to powerful technologies combined with the latest knowledge to enhance the site revenues for publishers are crucial, as the ad revenues are decreasing due to the rise of ad blockers.

So, what’s the most effective way for a publisher to stay profitable?

Hence, we have gathered our team to organize a half-day workshop in order to share our knowledge on how our publishers can monetize their website earnings the Innity way.

Here are some of the things we’ve shared during ‘An Innity Workshop: Boost Your Monetization Strategy’:

Digital Market Trends and Solutions: Mobile & Video

An overview of what’s the latest top 10 trends on mobile and video in the industry, challenges in the digital industry and the digital solutions available with Innity, such as our mobile and video ad formats.

Best Practices – Network Tagging

In this session, we talked about our unified ad serving platform, Advenue and how publishers can utilize the platform to their advantage in order to increase the viewability, performance, earnings and etc.

Yield Optimization & Innity Video PMP

Introducing the full yield solution and Innity Video Private Marketplace, maximizing the monetization for publishers; insights into the latest monetization tools and strategies for publishers to bump up their existing website earnings.

Sounds exciting to you? Interested to learn more? Stay tuned for more workshops coming up from us, for both advertisers and publishers!

Contact us, if you’re interested in becoming one of our publishers!