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Charity Giving at IQ70Plus: Innity Supports The Right To a Quality Life for the Mentally Challenged Individuals

Understanding that many non-profits out there are fighting to make the world a better place, Innity who holds a pledge to sow seeds of sustainability has taken on their social responsibility this year by carrying out a charity-giving at one of the non-profit welfare organisations in Malaysia – IQ70Plus.

On 8th December 2017, a group of volunteers from Innity, along with Innity Director, Wong Kok Woh, visited the centre, bringing along with them money and some household items totalling up to RM20,000 in hopes to support IQ70Plus in taking care of the mentally challenged individuals.

The mentally challenged individuals at IQ70Plus serve as a reminder to us who are physically and mentally fit to not take our lives for granted; and to not give up on our lives so easily as there is always hope. And of course,  to respect and love one another despite our differences. 

IQ70Plus is a non-profit welfare organisation established back in 2012 at Petaling Jaya that provides all-day comprehensive humane assistance for individuals with mental disabilities.

“He was left at the doorstep of the embassy when he was born. When we found him he was seriously sick and since then he has been suffering from mental and physical illnesses. We have to give him adequate care or he will fall sick easily and everything after that will be worse.”, a volunteer worker there shared with us the sad story of a disabled child at IQ70Plus.

This organisation hopes to provide their children a safe and open living space with quality conditions for the sake of a better psychological growth and healthy body development.

However, from their monthly rental and utility bills of the care home, expenses of all basic necessities for the children, to the high medical fees needed for some children, they rely almost entirely on the contributions of their social workers and fundraising from their volunteer centre. Therefore through our CSR programme this year, not only do we want to support IQ70Plus by contributing to their needs, we wish to also invoke the attention of our society to give a hand in making the life of the mentally challenged group better. On top of that, we’d also like to thank IQ70Plus for the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful mission. 

To do your part in making a difference to the lives of the mentally challenged individuals at IQ70plus, you can also donate to them in any forms such as goods giving, cash offerings, and services.

Small contributions make a big impact!