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Malaysia Premium Publishers Marketplace Appoints Innity as its Business and Tech Partner

This just in! We’ve been appointed by the Malaysian Premium Publishers Marketplace (MPPM) as their business and tech partner, redefining the publisher-led marketplace industry with high-reliability programmatic advertising that is trustworthy, available for the first time in Malaysia, for brands that have been seeking access to a premium advertising inventory.

Over the years, brands have been investing a considerable amount of money into advertising but not gaining the outreach and response that should be reflecting their marketing efforts. Misrepresented and ineffective ad placements have been the principal concerns of brands that has caused time wastage and cost ineffectiveness. All these drawbacks are detrimental to brand development, brand loyalty and ultimately, business growth.

Hence, MPPM was formed in November 2017, with the aim to address those concerns and provide quality ad inventories to advertisers.

What is a Malaysia Premium Publishers Marketplace?

Advertisers can now have more control and ease of access while benefiting from our custom ad products, premium publisher inventory, MPPM’s first-party data, Innity’s 2nd party data and 3rd party sources, all within a brand-safe environment – a truly premium programmatic offering.

Together with MPPM, we can now impart a unique experience for all advertisers and aim to become their preferred choice of premium inventory provider through an ecosystem that encourages respect, credibility and trustworthiness.

Interested? Well, you can contact (Sean Ter, Regional Strategy Director, to experience result-driven advertising that brands can trust.