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How Partnering with an Ad Network Drives Growth to Publisher Revenue

You’ve heard success stories of people earning through blogging and you think to yourself, “how do they do it?” By visiting their website, you can see sponsored articles and ads in every corner. Just like in traditional media — magazines and newspapers, advertising is the bloodline of publishers. But how can you reach those big brands and convince them to work with you by putting an ad on your website?

Aside from affiliate marketing and sponsorships, one of the best ways to monetize your website is through advertisements which are highly feasible by partnering with an online advertising network. Websites can be a lucrative source of passive income once you’ve learned the ropes of generating huge traffic. But to make it more profitable, Ad networks could be a great help as they connect advertisers to websites that want to host advertisements. The question is, which is the best ad network company to be partnered with?

In the Philippines, one of the pioneers in digital advertising technology is Innity. Long before the advent of ads in social media, the company has paved the way in digital advertising in Southeast Asia since 1999. Until today, the company is known for providing innovative digital solutions for both advertisers and publishers.

From news websites to niche blogs, Innity Philippines has created a wide pool of publishers that brands can work with. Compared with other ad networks, the company supports publishers through extensive and hand-in-hand customer service and consultation.

More than just a partnership, Innity’s ad network opens opportunities and growth.

Here’s a breakdown of the partnership perks:

  1. Ad Formats that are compliant with Coalition for Better Ads

Innity is the first Asian company to be certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the first in Asia to achieve member status by Coalition for Better Ads (CBA). 

For an overview, IAB is an organization that develops technical standards, conducts research, and set solutions for the online advertising industry.  In 2016, IAB, together with other big companies including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, formed the Coalition for Better Ads to improve consumers’ experience with online advertising. 

In addition to complying with the ad standards, the company’s regional Research and Development team continuously develop non-intrusive rich media formats and innovative ways to deliver a client’s message across multiple platforms.

  1. Brand Safety, Viewability, and Multiple Demand Sources

Innity Philippines have established partnerships with VCE, MOAT and IAS which provides a report on viewability and brand safety. As the gateway to other demand sources, Innity has also partnered with Appnexus, Yield One, Criteo, Audience One, Market One, and Rubicon.

  1. Competitive Rates

As one of the forerunners in the online advertising industry, Innity has developed different buying metrics for publishers to earn in multiple ways with competitive rates such as cost-per-mile (CPM), cost-per-view (CPV), cost-per-click CPC, and cost-per-engagement (CPE). Not only that, but publishers can also enjoy different ways to profit through partnership, resellership, and direct bookings.

  1. Extended Salesarm

Innity’s strategy team actively includes and proposes publishers in related campaigns whether premium or ad network placement, as well as cross-selling their in-house services to agencies and direct brands. Partner publishers are entitled to have their own access to Innity’s exclusive ad network for transparency. Moreover, they can also receive programmatic campaigns from different demand sources.

  1. Growing Business and Local Tech Support Team

Adtech company, Innity has grown into a digital media transformation partner for publishers, advertisers, and agencies. Aside from banner placements, Innity is now providing other solutions such as content marketing for advertisers and strategizing media plans. Partner publishers of Innity also have access to a consultative arm in the digital industry besides being included in the network site list.

Running a profitable website doesn’t happen overnight but joining an ad network is the first step in maximizing your revenue. Leverage your website’s marketing opportunities by joining Innity’s ad network and let them be your guide in the digital industry. 

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