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Are You Part of the Solution?: What Brands Should Do At This Time of Crisis

The global pandemic has shaken businesses around the world causing a halt on operations which has led to leaders setting up an emergency meeting on how they can survive this crisis.

This surely wasn’t part of the kick-off presentation during the start of the year, but just like in the digital industry, things can change in an instant and are unpredictable. No matter how much we prepare for something, a curve-ball will always be thrown in our way. And this will be the test for businesses – how they respond and act on this challenge can either make or break the company.

As front liners risk their lives to serve and fight for the people with a possible exposure to the virus, it seems as if we are actually in a war. 

“If companies want the economy and supply chains to return to normal, they need to join the “war” effort to beat the virus first” Yossi Sheffi said, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics.

Brands such as Coca-Cola, Ayala Malls, Angkas, and Ligo Sardines, to name a few, have pitched in by offering their products and services to the benefit of those in need, utilizing their platforms to communicate precautions, and advocating for safety and wellness through their online initiatives.

From an economic standpoint, we cannot afford to pause our businesses. The need for innovation and a new stream or channel for business and communication with our customers is of the essence for our current situation. 

This is the time to explore and create new opportunities to expand because once we get past the pandemic, it is foreseen that a new standard will rise. Much like how numerous China companies were able to accelerate their e-commerce business, after the SARS crisis emerged. 

Although WHO declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a pandemic, and we’re advised to adhere to safety precautions, it doesn’t mean that brands should also be distancing themselves from its consumers. In actuality, this is the time to engage and foster community building so that brands can stay top of mind. After all this chaos is over and once people are ready to spend again, your product will have built this sense of familiarity and comfort knowing that your brand was there through both the good and bad times.

As a business, we must learn how to empathize, to start building relationships with our customers, to listen to their needs now in order for our business to thrive.

At times like this, people will remember which company was able to emerge stronger and survive, but still with empathy and being sensitive to their customers and to the current situation. 

It’s time to brainstorm with the team, get creative with what we have, and come up with ways to keep the brand relevant. Whether it’s shifting the budget to digital for e-commerce, transforming traditional events to virtual events, or sharing educational content that people will find useful, now is the time to be proactive by providing solutions.

What can you and your company do to help?



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