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New Ad Format Alert: Balloon Stories

New year, new ad format! We’re excited to reveal Innity Balloon Stories that is a responsive storytelling ad unit designed for great mobile experiences with a focus on helping brands tell creative and visually engaging stories on a full-screen canvas!

This interactive ad format, part of Innity’s Social Display Advertising solution, allows brands to feature anything from eye-catching texts, photos, animations, stills, to videos, all of which are presented in a Instagram Stories-like format that we’re all familiar with and love! 

Brands can also easily repurpose their existing social Stories for digital display through our programmatic distribution channel at scale across multiple Demand Side Platforms.

How It Works

Upon loading, it appears as a mini-story card on the bottom left corner of the screen, and can be dragged to any of the four corners. 

Once tapped on, it’ll expand to fill the entire screen, where users can play the video or view more visuals by tapping on the left or right arrows to go back and forth. 

Tapping the close button minimizes the ad to its original size and position. While another extra tap turns it further into a cute small active circle.

Check out the demo here!

What are the benefits of Balloon Stories?

  • Blends organic content and sponsored ads on mobile web and apps. 
  • Generously built with enough sequences to create a complete and immersive brand narrative (up to 4X stories).
  • Unlike other social platform stories, Balloon Stories is visible and will not auto-delete after 24 hours, thus building brand recall and relationship.
  • Leverage your Stories on ‘one-to-all’ across our premium ad network 
  • Quick and cost-efficient to repurpose existing social creative, and to roll out across channels at scale as well as programmatic.

Want to get started?

Feel free to contact us for more information about Balloon Stories and how you can start running them in no time.

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