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Insights: The Current E-commerce Landscape, Online Shopper Behaviors, and How to Maximize Digital Marketing for SMEs

Together with e-commerce, digital marketing continues to rise in the Asia Pacific region. In fact, it is no secret anymore that with the ongoing lockdowns and pandemic regulations imposed in different countries has resulted in more companies adapting to this online ecosystem in order to continue reaching and engaging with their respective target markets. And with more industries embracing and integrating this digital transformation into their businesses, the advertising landscape is constantly evolving with it.

Integrated E-commerce Advertising 101

As a digital marketing transformation partner to many local and multinational brands, we are here as your partner to breakdown the key concepts of digital marketing for you. One of the groundbreaking advertising features that’s been introduced to the market lately is the integration of advertising to e-commerce solutions. Watch Ina Erjas, one of Innity Philippines’ Digital Solutions Manager as she tackles the current age of e-commerce, the advertising features available on various platforms, as well as the numerous selection of rich media / high impact ad formats ready for you to explore.

Digital Display Advertising for SMEs

The pandemic has also led to the emergence of small and medium enterprises or SMEs. The accessibility of various e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Facebook Marketplace, and more, has empowered these SME businesses to thrive further online. With this, the digital advertising space has become more competitive than ever, especially via social media networks. That is why it is key for brands to continue striving to be unique and interactive as possible, in order to better engage and capture their audience’s attention. Lester Distrajo, Innity Philippines’ Senior Business Development Manager, shares in this video the wide array of digital display advertising platforms, strategies, and products available for SMEs to explore to really stand out and maximize their online marketing efforts. Watch the full video below and check out our latest self-serve ad platform for SMEs, Advenue Direct

How E-commerce Has Changed Shoppers’ Online Behavior

The main driver of the rise of e-commerce is really due to the spike and the sustained increase in online media consumption of individuals across the globe. As businesses also latch on to this emerging online consumer behavior and with the continued cautiousness of people shopping physically, the overall purchasing habits of users have definitely evolved. Diving deeper into how e-commerce has changed shoppers’ online behavior, watch as Patricia Cordova, LoopMe’s Head of Products and Verticals discusses more about this topic in the video below, specifically on the current trends, triggers of purchase, and the types of online shoppers per generation.

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