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3 Shoppable Campaigns We’re Proud Of

The shift in consumer behaviour and the surge in digital advertising this year has changed how users now take in advertisements. With the increase in banner blindness and lesser time spent on each ad, it is now crucial to grab their attention and engage with the audience before they scroll away.

Here’s where our shoppable ads come in. Through powerful visuals and interactive content, our shoppable ads provide an impactful and intriguing user experience. Shortening the user’s purchase journey and landing them directly to the checkout page, the entire shopping experience is streamlined and instant.

Take a look at a few examples of how a shoppable campaign was done right and performed outstandingly! 

Cancel out the noise

One of the biggest international consumer electronics products companies approached us wishing to bring awareness and drive sales to their noise-cancelling headphones. Using the right media blend, Innity first helped the brand reach a mass audience and generate interest, followed by attracting and motivating prospects to make the purchase decision.

A series of ad formats were run for 4 months to target different objectives. Innity’s Site TakeOver ad first ran on multiple publisher sites with interest targeting to create mass awareness on their new product through a welcome video. 

It was then supported by Innity’s shoppable Mobile Pull Up ad format, which was targeted to those with a higher affinity towards gadgets and technologies. The ad highlighted the unique features of the product and the use of shoppable ads streamlined the users’ purchase journey, delivering more sales conversions.

The campaign saw great results! With over 10 million impressions and 5.2 million eyeballs, it brought in 139 sales conversions with a CTR of 1.7%.

IKEA Malaysia is 25 years old

With their 25th anniversary coming up, IKEA Malaysia wanted to create awareness and drive conversions. Understanding how many still preferred to shop from home, IKEA Malaysia chose to reach out to Innity in helping to bring the celebration online.

A combination of Innity’s several rich media ad formats: Mobile Cards, Revolver Lite, and 3D Post+; was run to celebrate IKEA Malaysia’s anniversary and shout out about their discounts. Which were targeted to audiences with an interest in home furnishing, shopping, parents, and lifestyle.

The campaign ran smoothly and IKEA Malaysia was so impressed with the results they increased their spending budget mid-campaign! This was also IKEA Malaysia’s biggest amount spent on a campaign.

In just 12 days, all ad formats overperformed and exceeded the CTR benchmark. Achieving over 40 million total impressions and 170 thousand clicks.

Stay fresh with Dashing

Innity assisted Wipro Unza in promoting and bringing awareness to one of their products, the Dashing Deodorant Perfume Body Spray. 

Running Mobile Pull Up, one of our more popular shoppable ad formats, the campaign was targeted to those between the ages of 18 to 35 and who expressed interest in sports, entertainment, and shopping. 

Impressively, the campaign brought in 124 sales transactions within just a month! On top of that, overserving 3.06% in terms of engagement, with a total of 48,879 total engagement served.

With even social media beginning to implement shoppable content into their platforms, we can see how this seamless user purchasing experience effectively drives results. Shoppable features have now become an important tool in digital advertising and it’s time for brands to join in on this new era of e-commerce!

Inspired? Explore some of our shoppable ad formats here or chat with us at on how you can kickstart your own campaign!