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New Ad Format Alert! Say Hi to our new Stories Ad!

We are welcoming another highly immersive and interactive ad format, Stories! As the name suggests, this new format is very much similar to the Instagram stories layout everyone is familiar with. 

With the attention span of ad viewers growing shorter, grabbing viewers’ attention instantly is crucial. What better way to do it than through a series of fast paced, immersive videos and eye-catching images! 

How it works

The Stories ad format allows users to swipe or tap back and forth through each slide to view more content. The ad also transitions to the next slide after a few seconds, replays from the beginning and videos are played automatically.

A progression bar at the top of the ad displays the number of slides, with each slide allowing separate landing links for brands to showcase multiple products or highlight different features of a single product. 

Repurpose your content!

Already running an Instagram stories ad? Repurpose your ad creatives or social media posts into our Stories ad format and run them on publisher sites and mobile apps! What’s more, unlike social media stories, your ad won’t be deleted after 24 hours.

Check out the demo here to see how the ad looks on your device!

Want to get started?

Contact us at now for more information! You can also check out our other interactive ad formats here.