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Introducing our new Grow+ ad format!

Introducing our responsive Grow+ ad format! Our mobile grow ad format has been an all-time favourite for advertisers, so we’ve decided to make it available on desktop, with additional features!

Similar to our mobile grow ad format, the ad progressively “grows” from just a simple video ad into a product panel as the user scrolls down the page.

What makes the Grow+ ad format different, however, is that we’ve made the user experience much more immersive and interactive. Advertisers are now able to showcase their products and features better while telling their brand story through a video ad.

The ad shortens the users’ purchase journey by landing them straight to the online store when clicking on the call-to-action, allowing them to make the purchase instantly. 

Here are a few ways advertisers can play around with the Grow+ ad format!

  1. Have multiple products to showcase? Have a video ad paired with multiple slides highlighting each product. 

The ad allows brands to create timestamps in the video, showcasing different products or features on each slide as the video plays. The slide allows users to find out more about the specific product or make a purchase immediately. They can also click on each timestamp to jump to a specific part of the video or product they are interested in.

  1. Brands can also choose to feature several products in a feed format, just like an e-catalogue. Users can interact and swipe through the product list while watching the video. 
  1. Don’t have specific products to feature? Have a simple image panel to introduce your services or shout out on ongoing promotions!

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity and explore more approaches to running your own Grow+ ad campaign today! 

Contact us at to find out how. Check out our other shoppable ad formats here too!