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The Rise of Nano Influencers and Why They Are Effective for Campaigns

You might have seen a lot of new influencers applying and trying to join the digital marketing industry. Consumers have become more critical of traditional marketing strategies as they value authenticity and transparency more than ever. These up-and-coming influencers might be the next best thing for your subsequent campaigns. 

Let us define what nano influencers are first. Nano influencers are your everyday social media users, often seen as ordinary people, with followers from 1,000 to 10,000. These aspiring “professional influencers” still post mostly organic content, from photos of family and friends, cat videos, and memes to your typical sponsored content and collaborations. They have grown up with social media and technology with a natural ability to influence.

Remarkably, brands know the valuable bond nano influencers share with their audience. Unlike those with large followings, nano influencers share a close and personal connection with their followers. The meaningful engagement, paired with a reputation for being genuine and authentic, is why nano influencers are beginning to see a sudden surge in popularity.

But what would be the best way to utilize these talented individuals to maximize their effectiveness? Let’s go through the pros and cons and find out.


They excel with their high engagement rate.

Their natural average engagement rate of 1.87% is relatively higher than the general public average of 0.67%. Their appeal lies in “getting regular, everyday people” to talk about your products and services and recommend them to their friends and family. Their authentic voice through high-quality content stands out against oversaturated and overly-curated offerings on their platform. 

They are great for niche marketing.

With their highly-targeted audience, they can connect easily to a specific audience with specific interests. Through their expertise, knowledge, and influence in their niche, their opinions matter to that particular group, easing the gap between you and your target audience. 

Working with them is cost-effective.

Working with nano influencers usually is more affordable than with influencers from higher tiers. This also means that they are more accessible to work with small businesses. Since they are just starting and building their brand, it makes them more willing to negotiate and explore incentives and rates to compensate for your future collaborations with them. 

They are flexible to work with.

Most nano influencers are easier to work with because they do not have any barriers to participating in sponsored posts and brand agreements. Most of these nano influencers are flexible with conforming to campaign briefs since most are still new to the industry. This can also help you know these individuals better since you’ll be working with and talking to them directly.


They have a relatively smaller reach.

The main drawback of using nano influencers is that they tend to have a smaller reach than the other influencer-tier ranks. If you’re looking for a big and ambitious campaign, you can utilize nano influencers but mix them with other influencers from higher tiers to compensate for their lack of extensive reach. 

They are considered industry newbies.

Most nano influencers on the market are new to the industry together, so working with them might be a challenge, spending a little more time watching how they perform and act online. If you have a big campaign, handling more people and influencers might require more work. This is why brands tap agencies like Passionation to work with influencers from different tiers to run campaigns efficiently.


If your ongoing campaign lacks engagements or if you have a particular group of audience you want to get in touch with, working with nano influencers relevant to such a specific group or niche is the best way to create a genuine connection with these groups. 

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