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Innity Philippines Empowers SMEs with Content and Digital Solutions at 14th PHILSME Business Expo

MANILA, Philippines – Innity Philippines participated in the 14th Philippine SME Business Expo and Conference (PHILSME) on May 10-11, 2024, at the SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. This is the country’s largest B2B expo, conference, and networking event for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

With over 9,000 attendees, SMEs and various other companies showcased their products and services to their peers and customers. Managing Director Trixie Esguerra-Abrenilla stated, “Our overall objective is to help them come together, collaborate with each other and have them showcase their business solutions.”

SMEs represent 99% of the total businesses in the Philippines, according to the 2022 List of Establishments (LE) of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).  

“We strive to continue supporting SMEs by helping them become aware of the latest business solutions, sharing exclusive offers they can take advantage of from various service providers and providing them exclusive opportunities for the PHILSME Business Network.” she added.

Innity Philippines joined the expo as one of the Diamond sponsors, sharing knowledge about digital marketing for emerging brands and businesses.

Highlight: Innity’s Presentation on Digital Marketing

One of the highlights of this event is a perceptive talk by Innity Philippines’ Senior Digital Solutions Manager, Kristene Ayap, titled “Amplifying Online Advertising: Maximizing Touchpoints for SME Growth.” Ayap, an expert in digital marketing and online brand amplification, shared insights on optimizing cost-efficient digital touchpoints and leveraging influencer marketing and online platforms like Facebook ad TikTok for sustainable growth..

Ayap discussed how the consumer’s journey has evolved from a linear path; awareness (discovering a brand), consideration (considering its product), and conversion (converting into customer). Nowadays, the consumers go through an average of six touchpoints, which can be a mix of EDMs, website articles, social media, influencers, communities, video content, E-commerce, and more. Optimizing these digital touch points convert a potential buyer into a loyal customer.

“There should be a balance between creativity and performance. A beautifully designed digital poster doesn’t ensure the ad will perform well. You need to ensure that KPIs are being hit. You need to have a strategy in place, especially when boosting content,” Ayap suggested.

Different digital touchpoints include PAID (social media ads, search & display ads), EARNED (word-of-mouth, press, bloggers), SHARED (content you owned shared by other people), & OWNED (online properties such as websites, social media pages, e-commerce sites, mobile apps). Prioritizing effective touchpoints can make reaching target audience more efficient.

For example, utilizing a social media page as a digital storefront can save costs and focus marketing efforts versus building a website from scratch. Content for social media pages should be created to EDUCATE (inform the audience about products & services), ENGAGE (spark conversations build a sense of community), & ENTERTAIN (following trends & pop-culture moments for awareness, relatability, and virality). 

Brands can also utilize paid ads, including cost-efficient ad platforms (Facebook, Instagram, & Tiktok) and influencer marketing (micro & nano Influencers) to enhance omnichannel strategy, raising awareness, driving consideration, and facilitating conversions.

Commitment to SME Growth

Innity Philippines’ participation in the PHILSME Expo underscores its commitment to empowering SMEs through innovative digital solutions. By bridging the gap between traditional business practices and modern digital strategies, Innity equips SMEs with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive market. This event not only highlighted the potential of digital marketing but also fostered a collaborative environment where businesses could learn, grow, and succeed together. As Innity continues to support and drive SME growth, it sets a benchmark for excellence in the digital landscape.

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