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Innity unveils cutting edge retargeting technology

We are very happy to announce today the launch of our new,  innovative Retargeting Solution.

The main objective of this initiative is to enable advertisers to re-engage highly qualified users who have already shown an interest in their brand resulting in up to five times better conversion rates than any other targeting feature.

Innity’s retargeting technology offers an advertiser three Reasons to drive their e-commerce platforms:
Revenue – Brings visitors back to the client’s site resulting in better conversions and ultimately higher revenue potential.
Retention – Uses retargeting to draw customers back to the client’s site to retain them as regular site visitors
Recognition – Retargeting advertisements keep the client’s site and brand name top of mind with their target audience as they browse the Internet when in a phase of consideration between competing brands.

Currently, a large number of people steer away from a site without taking any action and in this economic climate, businesses cannot afford to lose these potential leads. Instead, they will need to ensure that their customers have top of mind recall for their brand to remain competitive and this is exactly what the retargeting technology is able to offer.

“With the limited scalability of search, many of our advertisers are looking for additional solutions to help increase revenues efficiently, and are finding immense rewards with targeted display ads and conversion tracking”, said Innity CEO, Mr. Phang Chee Leong. “With our unique approach and exclusive technology, our ambition is to enable our clients to find their audience in an optimum manner by locating these individuals who are actively looking for and contemplating a purchase on the internet irrespective of where and when they are online and driving them to make that purchase.”

The launch of retargeting is another step as Innity continues to expand its array of efficient online marketing technologies thus highlighting its commitment in exploring such opportunities through a versatile combination of online media proficiency, industry expertise, bleeding-edge technology along with sophisticated modeling and analytical tools.