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Let’s get engaged!

We have just launched our new product – the Engagement Bar! It’s a revolutionary ad format that allows brands to fully utilize online ad space by making it a very interactive and engaging experience for their audience.

Airasia was the first brand to explore on this highly engaging ad format combining Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Holiday Promotions as well as Traffic Generating Tools into a single Engagement Bar banner. It proved to be an extremely successful online campaign reaching a high level of interactivity of the brand with its target audience. Check the demo here:

The Engagement Bar has another strong advantage – a very strategic location at the bottom of the browser page. It attracts its audience by the convenience and interactivity of the banner that stays there even when the user scrolls up or down the page. Innity tracking technology allows to measure every single interaction made on the Engagement Bar accurately tracking impressions, clicks, expansions, as well as duration and viewership of the videos and its additional features.


“Internet users are getting sophisticated and to get their attention we have to be a step ahead in the market utilizing our technology to always come up with new fresh products that benefit brands  and attract the audience. The Engagement Bar is a great opportunity for brands to fully leverage on its engaging features and a useful tool for consumers to interact with the brands and even make purchases”, added Innity CEO, Mr. Phang Chee Leong.

The engagement bar is the latest addition to Innity’s fantastic Cost-Per Engagement (CPE) product line. Engagement here is defined as a user response to the online advertisement through the act of experiencing the features of its particular format. Some of those CPE products include light box and dynamic in-text formats, which themselves alone have taken the South East Asian Digital Market place by storm. As opposed to the traditional online display ads, these formats are more entertaining and full of useful features. Moreover, they are user-initiated, which means that it is only upon user’s decision that these formats start interacting and engaging with the user.