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Innity Digital Workshop (part 2) for Tourism Malaysia

Innity conducted it’s second digital workshop for Tourism Malaysia in Pulau Sibu of Johor to highlight the increasing popularity of this space along with it’s benefits while providing education on our solutions for the same.

Through a 4 and a half hour session, the following subjects were discussed:

Technology and Products

– Different ways of advertising online

– Formats used in online advertising


– The concept of SEO and SEM

Display advertising

– What display advertising is

– Buying metrics

ROI, Tracking and Reporting

– Ad metrics

– How we track

– Online advertising performance and ROI

– How to run online advertising

– Case studies

Social media

– The popularity of social media

– How to leverage social media as a key marketing tool

All in all, the sessions proved to be effective and highly interactive due to an engaging audience with a keen interest to understand the digital market. Additionally, the setting against the island and the opportunity to interact with the team from Tourism Malaysia during informal sessions such as dinner breaks provided us with an occasion to connect on a personal level as well.

The success of this workshop based on the feedback we received has given us good reason to look forward to using this experience with other clients as well.

Below, there are photos serving as memories we definitely won’t forget!