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Why Would An Ad-Network Make Sense For You

Why would an ad network make sense for you?

By Tashmeet Kaur, Business Development Manager, Innity

To start off, what is an advertising network? Advertising networks signify many websites in selling advertising; allowing advertising buyers to reach a broad audience through run-of-category and run-of-network buys.

The focal reason why an advertiser may choose an ad network lies in their costs. Decreasing cost pressures have not only made media less expensive but have driven fees paid to agencies purchasing that media even lower. In contrast to an advertising agency, an advertising network’s costs are kept lower due to their ability to improve margins (Leathern 2011).

If a client is interested in targeting a particular set of audience then an ad network certainly makes sense. When one looks closely, inventory is not what ad networks are selling but audience. Inventory may be owned by an agency, blog owner but at the end of the day, the ad network inventory is bought to reach an audience.

Lastly an ad network is a one stop shopping hub, not just for ads. To source for various essentials amongst different companies may prove to be rather annoying to many users. Ad networks such as Value Click, Burst Media are able to provide one with an ad server, DSP, analytics and even reports. Website Transparency is also not required most of the time. In the SEA Market, advertisers are keen on knowing where their ads would appear but a network is allowed to work on a blind/semi-blind basis to reduce potential channel conflict (Leathern 2011).

In summary, the trend is such that everyone will be working with an ad network. 2011 will prove to be the year of the ad networks; the real question is will you be jumping on the bandwagon too?

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