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By Meghaa Mehta, Account Manager, Sales, Innity

Innity’s Light Box is the most cost-effective rich media format out there!

Here’s why:

1. Innity’s Light Box has an inbuilt time reference that is utilized to measure the interest and intent of the user who is interacting with it. Most rich media ad banners count as one ‘engagement’ or ‘interaction’- every time a user scrolls over the ad for even a second.

You end up paying either for a user who was not necessarily interested and might have scrolled over the ad by mistake or you pay by impressions where you don’t pay for user interest. 

The Light Box is special in that it allows for the user interest to be guaranteed through the 3 second time delay for the ad to open up when the he/ she scrolls over it and then also allows for another 3 seconds for the user to express favourability (by interacting with the different elements on the banner and not hitting the close button) towards the ad message and only then you pay for ONE engagement.

2. The Light Box format by Innity allows Rich Media serving at absolutely no additional loading or serving fee.

3. We absorb all productions costs, potentially running into thousands of dollars for any budget over SGD 10k.

4. After determining favourability with the 3+3 measure, the Light Box can also allow the advertiser to direct traffic to the website with a pop up box to ask them if they want to proceed to the website.

All of these factors definitely allow the Light Box to roll

User Intent + Favourability + Brand Education + Click Throughs in to 1 Engagement