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Innity reaches 75.5% of Malaysia’s Internet population

From The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: Innity, a leading Southeast Asian ad network, ranked highly in comScore‘s latest reports revealing the top ad networks in the region.

The company recently deployed comScore’s tagging technology allowing for web tags to be placed on the website content of participating publishers, advertising networks and content creators which is in turn recorded by comScore servers every time the tagged content is accessed guaranteeing more accuracy in reporting.

In Malaysia specifically, Innity reaches 75.5% of Malaysia’s 10.6 million internet audience.

Additionally, according to the report, Innity’s results exceeded that of the scores of the Content Network of the first ranking network by a mile.

Innity also ranked as the largest ad network in Vietnam reaching more than 85% of the internet population and the largest in Indonesia reaching more than 77% of the internet audience aside from reaching nearly 78% of the internet users in Singapore where the company also continues to be one of the largest ad networks.

“We firmly believe in the growth potential and increasing dynamism within the Southeast Asian region.

“The comScore ratings reinforce our industry and technological leadership and the potential for this market in Malaysia.

“Innity is committed to continue providing marketers with the best and most innovative online interactive marketing solutions in the industry,” said Inity CEO Phang Chee Leong.

“Advertising networks are gaining popularity amongst advertisers and marketers across the world spurring growth within this area and is seen today to be a key component within the marketing mix,” said Joe Nguyen, VP, comScore, Southeast Asia.

“Innity’s adoption of comScore’s tagging technology across a number of South East Asian countries provides them with access to the completeness and granularity of comScore’s Unified Digital Measurement giving them access to more precise tracking, avoids confusion arising from differences in reporting resulting from estimates and provides an integrated view of web activity across the breadth of the Internet universe”.

Innity is the leading provider of interactive online marketing platforms and technologies for advertisers and publishers.

Established in 1999, Innity has a strong foothold in the South East Asian market spanning over 10,000 websites, including major newspaper portals and premier sites in more than 16 content interest channels such as technology, lifestyle, automotive, business and entertainment.