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An Interview with Innity’s CEO on Innity – adSage Partnership

Recently, ExchangeWire got in touch with us to find out more about Innity’s partnership with adSage in China. Below is the full interview, derived from ExchangedWire.

Phang Chee Leong, CEO Innity, On Its Recent Partnership With China’s adSage, Seamless Search & Display Integration & Further Expansion in APAC

Phang Chee Leong, Innity’s CEO, talks about their recent partnership with adSage – China’s leading player in the SEM space. Here he discusses Innity’s aggressive global growth strategy and highlights some of the challenges they anticipate within the Chinese market.

You recently announced a partnership with adSage in China. Can you explain in more detail what the partnership means for Innity?

With the growing importance of the digital sphere, marketers are deploying tactics such as SEM to ensure that they achieve maximum ROI from their online campaigns. In fact, today, SEM is an essential component of most brands’ marketing strategy.

In this regard, this partnership is an exciting one as it will enable Innity to take advantage of adSage’s Search (AFS), a distinctive automatic system for SEM campaign management. Through this collaboration, we can leverage on each other’s strength to grow our business further.

Why did Innity choose to partner with adSage over other competitors in the Chinese market? Size?

We chose to partner with adSage as they are the leading player in China that provides a comprehensive search solution. Their AFS is a superior technological solution which is a crucial element of any brand’s digital strategy and it meets our requirements in providing a user-friendly yet effective system to our clients.

What challenges does Innity expect to face in the Chinese market?

One of the challenges that we foresee in China is the fact that most publishers still prefer to sell their inventory based on duration. However, there are many other ways to price the inventory – based on impressions, clicks, engagements, and so on. We’re hoping that the publishers here will open up to try different ways to better monetize their websites.

Also currently, the players there are already established and have good relationships with publishers and advertisers. We need to find a niche sector to start with.

What benefits will the partnership bring to Innity’s clients? Will you also look to expand your Chinese client base?

Through the cooperation, Innity will be able to leverage on the centralized advertising campaign data from AFS, allowing Innity to provide its advertisers with an array of insightful reports and optimization suggestions. This in turn will naturally enable advertisers to achieve improved ROI while automating many of the manual tasks associated with daily SEM management activities. We are looking to reach out to new clients in the country over time.

Will Innity always look to partner in new markets or launch as a standalone entity?

To begin with, Innity does look to partner with companies to enter new markets. Working with an established company in new markets provides us with the benefit of an enhanced understanding of consumer needs within the country along with a host of relevant contacts essential to facilitate business growth.

Which markets will Innity look to move into next?

With the digital market flourishing and with the potential for more seamless integration for search and display marketing in the future, there is great potential for media networks across the world. Innity continues to look to expand aggressively on a global scale.