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Innity advertising network has launched its ground-breaking pre roll video advertising offering through its partnership with RazorTV and Stomp. This will enable brands to reach their audiences with highly effective video and display advertising, ensuring the best results possible for both advertisers and marketers.

According to eMarketer, nearly one third of all online ad dollars is expected to go to video in 2011 and by 2014, video is set to be the third largest online ad format. With video ads, marketers are able to generate the same emotional response from their audience as a TV ad is able to. Video ads are also measurable and allow for the implementation of targeting techniques as opposed to TV ads. With the launch of its new network, Innity is perfectly positioned to take on the opportunities offered by this exciting medium.

Innity’s Premium Network of video publishers currently includes the likes of AdapTV, Veoh, eBuddy, RazorTV, and Stomp and is set to expand significantly over the next few months. Comprehensive data indicating how customers utilized the video ad will be provided to existing and potential customers with the new format. Additionally, brands will be billed on a Cost Per View basis whereby they will only be charged if the pre roll ad is viewed for more than 3 seconds.

By guaranteeing quality, user-initiated video campaigns to the right target audience and optimizing performance facilitated by in-depth consumer insight, Innity’s new offering will help drive consumer engagement and superior levels of brand recall. “We are very excited about this partnership with RazorTV and Stomp, especially considering their leadership and reach in the local market,” said Phang Chee Leong, CEO, Innity. “The combination of pre-roll video and display advertising across our premium network of publishers will enable brands to leverage Innity’s sophisticated tracking and reporting features, highly developed consumer insights and improved levels of targeting to make informed decisions about brand strategy.”

Innity is now introducing this offering to advertisers in Singapore followed by advertisers across other countries in Southeast Asia.