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Innity Becomes Certified Rich Media & Ad Network
Vendor for Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange Platform

Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange Real-Time Marketplace is now available through Innity for better online media buying

Innity, South East Asia’s premier advertising ad network, today announced that it has completed the certification process to become a certified Rich Media and Ad Network vendor for Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange Platform – the Real-Time Bidding platform for the world’s buyers, creators and sellers of digital media, enabling Innity to provide more effective media planning and buying, improve on targeting, and reach a wider audience across thousands of relevant sites for its clients.

Launched in 2009, Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a marketplace that can optimise the effectiveness, relevance, and profitability of advertising campaigns across the Google digital inventory (Google Display Network, Youtube, AdMob, etc.). Through this agreement, Innity will utilize open real-time bidding systems to leverage on bidding algorithms for a better control over media spend, which in turn enhance and improve clients’ ROI. Innity’s clients will see a definite surge of increase in their return on investment through precise targeting, defined bids, defined budgets and frequency caps on inventory purchases. Innity will implement Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange platform across its ad network, which reaches more than 50 million unique internet users and serves 2 billion monthly ad impressions.

The Google Ad Exchange Certified Vendor status is only granted to selected list of companies who meet the requirements of possessing dynamic, innovative technologies as well as a strong commitment in confidentiality management by meeting the standards established by global privacy protection organisations.

By utilizing Google’s Ad Exchange, Innity is capable of:

• Using delivery controls to improve relevance and performance

• Leveraging the real-time bidding for improved efficiency and effectiveness

• Employing dynamic selection to get only the impressions advertisers need, when they need them

In addition, as part of the company’s continuous efforts to strengthen its lead and reputation in the industry, as well as to reiterate its assertion to advertising quality, Innity signed the Facebook Platform Terms for Ad Providers that governs advertisement quality and data use to prevent the collection of any personal information from users, to be listed as one of Facebook’s Advertising Providers, joining the other big names in the industry such as (Aol), Fox Networks and ValueClick.

Innity’s CEO, Mr. Phang Chee Leong, said, “We’re very excited about this certification as it grants us the opportunity to increase our ad network reach in Asia and incorporate the effectiveness of the marketplace into our dynamic ad capabilities. This is part of our ongoing commitment to delivering data-centric targeting strategies and meaningful advertising solutions to our clients.”