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A Quick Interview with 701Panduan

We are thrilled to announce our ‘Website of the month’ for Feb, 2012:


701Panduan is Malaysia’s online search directory that’s bursting with a myriad of information for the general public. 701Panduan has more than 770,000 unique visitors and has more than 3.5 million page views a month. They have been a part of Innity’s network since January 2011.

701Panduan took some time out of their busy schedule for an email interview with Innity. Henry Tang, Online Marketing Manager of 701Panduan shares his views:


Can you tell us a little bit about 701Panduan?
Be it food or drinks, entertainment, shopping, travelling, education, business or household, 701Panduan has it all. And what’s best is that we always have the latest business listings and updates! Since the website was launched on Feb 18, 2009, website covers all segments of lifestyles ranging from food and drinks, to entertainment, shopping, travelling, education, home, and many more.

What makes 701Panduan a great Innity publisher?
With Innity’s cutting edge technology, we’re able to manage our own inventory effectively and efficiently that translates into optimum CPM and profit maximization.

What role did Innity play in your business and how has it helped?
Innity’s list of large advertisers gave us the peace of mind to allow Innity to handle the advertisers for us while we focus on our core business – running Malaysia’s best online search directory.

What do you love about Innity?
By simply installing the Innity script on once, we’re all set up to earn a consistent revenue stream and truly monetize our site.

Any tips for our readers who are interested in starting up their own websites?
Success comes from a good relationship with the account manager. Talk to your account manager to discover your earning opportunities!