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Campaigns of the Month!

Here are a couple of campaigns that we’ve executed recently. Click on the link to take a look at the ad formats in their full glory! The first campaign uses the Lightbox ad unit while the other one uses the Balloon ad format. Let us you what you think!


Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair
Advertiser: Estee Lauder
Agency: O2 Advertising
Format: Lightbox
Features: Rich media content with TVC and social
sharing features
Channel: Woman, Entertainment, Lifestyle
Payment Metric: Cost per Engagement (CPE)
Country: Singapore

This campaign’s objective was to drive awareness and reinforce Estee Lauder’s Advance Night Repair serum as a powerful skincare product for women looking to reduce visible signs of aging. For a highly relevant reach, Innity set out to place the ads on the Woman, Entertainment, and Lifestyle Channels. Innity proposed the highly visible Lightbox ad unit as the ideal ad format to deliver the Estee Lauder’s rich media content. The Lightbox ad unit received over 6300 unique engagements and more than half of the total users stayed to watch at least 50% of the video.



Heineken Sunrise
Advertiser: Heineken
Agency: Vietbuzz
Format: Balloon
Channel: Run of Network
Country: Vietnam

Heineken launched their ‘Sunrise’ campaign to support responsible drinking. The campaign spread the message of moderate drinking primarily on the web, via a range of platforms. Innity was engaged to run Heineken’s online ads across our vast network of sites. The Balloon ad format, which resides on the bottom right corner of the browser, was used to house the creative. It ‘balloons’ for a specified time and shrinks back to a text strip, ensuring a non-intrusive experience for the users. The campaign received 2.5 million unique impressions and effectively achieved its target.