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5 Website Design Mistakes That Are
Killing Your Social Media

From SocialFresh

We spend all this time and capital on social media. Creating wonderful content. Producing engaging campaigns. Responding to our communities and creating a groundswell of support.

But what happens after sometimes can ruin it all.

You might have an amazing social media presence, and then the customer sees your website, and all that momentum is lost.

Bad Web Design Is Killing Your Business
While there is no limit to the amount of cringe-worthy design elements you can find online, these are some of the biggest mistakes businesses make on a regular basis.

What makes most of these mistakes even worse is the fact many of them can be easily avoided by planning ahead and implementing a simple design strategy.

1. No clear call to action
What do you want users to do once they arrive on your website?

2. Confusing navigation
No one should ever wonder, “Where am I?” when they’re on your website.

3. Not testing different browsers
Sure your design might look great in Internet Explorer, but how will it look in Chrome or Safari?

4. Poor readability
While orange and red might be your business’s signature colors, how will they read online?

5. Incorporating way too much Flash
Sites that use a lot of Flash, or that feature important information within Flash elements, will likely run into several problems.

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