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Ad Campaign Mondays!

Good ol’ Monday! :)

We know what Monday blues can do to you. Let’s see what we have in “blog” to hype up your Mondays!

Always been wondering what digital ad campaigns can do? Don’t fret! We’re here to share with you some of the coolest digital ad campaigns we found. After all, good things are meant for sharing!

From DigitalBuzz

Ad campaign 1: Volkswagen: Voice Activated Interactive Banner

We do know the traffic accident rates are increasing like mad. Let’s look at what Volkswagen decided to do to spread awareness through this cool digital campaign. Isn’t it cool?

Click here to watch the ad!

Ad campaign 2: Renault 4: The Facebook Storytelling Campaign

A good story telling is still definitely the trick to grab the attention of the audience even if delivered in social media. Who knows helping Grandma Hilda to find her keys for her Renault 4 can be so much fun? What’s more? The user that found the nearest location to the keys in Hilda’s interactive house will actually win a Renault 4! Talking bout audience engagement!

Click here to watch the ad!

Ad campaign 3: Parking Douche App: Real-time Social Sharing

Have you every encounter with parking douche? We’re sure we did. This real-time social sharing app is totally the way to get back at them. The people at The Village must be pissed with irresponsible drivers so they came up with this awesome app that lets you shame the douche bags in real-time across banners and media placements.

Click here to watch the ad!

Ad campaign 4: Smart Car Argentina: Animated Twitter Ads

Twitter is always associated with words and words only. Guess what? The geniuses at Smart Car Argentina decided to bring Twitter to the next level by incorporating some animations into their Twitter ads. Don’t believe us? Watch it for yourself!

Click here to watch the ad!

Ad campaign 5: Scrabble Battle “Captcha” Banner Campaign

Scrabble decided to hijack the “Captcha” graphics on popular gaming websites by turning it into scrabble challenges! All the hijacking is actually for promoting the Annual Scrabble Championship. This is such a great idea to enhance user engagement and increase CTR for the ad campaign.

Click here to watch the ad!

Ain’t it Cool? Let us know which is your favorite by commenting below!

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