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Campaigns of the Month!

We are proud to share with you a couple of campaigns that we’ve executed recently. These amazing campaigns uses the LightBox ad unit and other ad units such as the leaderboard and rectangle. Click on the Demo Links to look at the cutting-edge ad formats. We’d love to know what you think! :)

Telkomsel Anniversary
Advertiser: Telkomsel
Agency: Bubu
Network: Audience Network
Country: Indonesia

Telkomsel worked with Innity to promote brand awareness for their 17th Anniversary. For a highly targeted reach, the Lightbox ad units were used to house their commercial along with a contest with amazing prizes. Social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter buttons were also incorporated into the ad to maximize reach. The campaign received over 1.3 mil total impressions with an Engagement Rate and CTR that surpassed the industry benchmark of 2% and 0.2%. What’s more, the average time users spent on viewing the ad unit was 30+ seconds.

Demo Link!

Samsung Galaxy S III
Advertiser: Samsung
Agency: Starcom
Network: Premium & Audience Network
Country: Malaysia

Samsung collaborated with us to promote their latest product – the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S III. We incorporated multiple tabs into the interactive Lightbox ad unit to highlight the features and specs of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The ads were mainly seen across Innity’s network, focusing on Business, Lifestyle and Tech. The campaign managed to deliver over 700,000 impressions with an Engagement Rate that surpassed the industry benchmark of 2%. Users were also seen spending an average time of 130 seconds on the ad unit!

Demo Link!

Great Eastern Live
Advertiser: Great Eastern
Agency: Mindshare Singapore
Network: Audience Network
Country: Singapore

We have worked with Great Eastern recently to promote their latest offering – The Live Great Programme. To reach their targeted audience effectively, the LightBox ad has been used for the campaign.To fully utilize the Lightbox, info like the brand’s mobile app, events, tips, wellness tools and privileges were inserted into multiple interactive tabs for increased time spend on the unit. The campaign successfully achieved more than 600,000 impressions. Additionally, the average time spent on viewing the ad unit was 30+ seconds.

Demo Link!

Vidal Sassoon
Advertiser: P&G
Agency: Mediacom
Network: Premium & Audience Network
Country: Thailand

Innity was honoured to collaborate with P&G Thailand for the very first time for the launch of Vidal Sassoon’s campaign to spread awareness for their range of hair care products among the female audience in the country. The leaderboard and rectangle ad units were used for the campaign and the ads were seen across Innity’s Women’s Channel for a highly relevant reach. The campaign managed to achieve a whopping 3 mil impressions.

Demo Link!