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Innity launches gender-based network
Engage Him Engage Her in Hong Kong!

Our unique Engagement offerings are now available to our clients in Hong Kong along with our Engage Him Engage Her networks!

The aim of the new networks is to provide advertisers with a platform to buy into a wide variety of content channels while ensuring that they effectively engage with their target audience through a range of engaging ad formats.

These fully optimized networks bring together some of the best local, regional and international sites catering to the interests of the modern age, digitally-savvy men and women, enabling marketers to ensure the delivery of the right message to the right audience at the right time and place.

In union with the networks, Innity is introducing the Cost Per Engagement (CPE) model where advertisers are given assurance of improved ROI by paying only when users engage with their ads. With that, advertisers can be certain that they are paying for their most valuable prospects – audiences that are interested to engage with their brand.

The innovative model is paired with a myriad of highly engaging propriety ad formats that have already taken the Southeast Asia digital market place by storm. They include the Lightbox, Balloon, Engagement Bar, In-Text Ad, among others. As opposed to the traditional online display ads, these formats are more entertaining and packed with useful features. Most importantly, they are user-initiated. The full range of demos can be found here:

Of course, publishers will not be left out! They will also reap the benefits of this as their audience will be connected to the right ad, thus encouraging increased interaction and engagement with the array of rich media display ads, making this a win-win proposition for both parties.

Some of the sites that are already part of the Engage Him Engage Her network include:

Engage Him Engage Her – Car and News Sections