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Heading over to Hong Kong!

Our sharing sessions are spreading over the region! ….just like we mentioned in an earlier blog post :)


This time, we head over to our peeps at the Hong Kong Office for their Engaging Thursday event, a monthly networking and information sharing event for digital industry folks. The most recent Engaging Thursday took the form of a Digital Engaging Workshop, where representatives from Innity, comScore and FiveStones (Google Doubleclick APAC) came together to share the latest digital trends and their insights on campaign effectiveness.

The turnout was more than expected and we had people filling up the seats from the front up to the very back of our venue.


Within the short but information-packed 3 hours, we covered the following topics:
-Current Digital Trends in Hong Kong and Asia
-Upcoming Trends: Big Data
-Brand Effectiveness: Reaching the Right Audience, Gaining Real Engagement
-FiveStones (Doubleclick APAC) Bulding and Measuring Campaign Effectively

The workshop encompassed showcasing of several successful case studies, where we discussed the effectiveness of type of ad formats as demonstrated by the case studies, as well as the methods of reaching out to more audiences and engaging them.

The experience was rewarding, much thanks to the receptive crowd. We had a number of stimulative questions, commentaries that were critical and to the point – all of which contributed to making the conversation engaging and insightful. On top of that, it was the eagerness and enthusiasm that the attendees showed towards learning more about the digital industry that made this workshop a huge success. It was a great experience and we can’t wait for our next workshop in Hong Kong!

Signing out with more photos taken from the workshop :)