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FAQ on Innity’s #SocialHub

Since we’ve shared a couple of our Social Hub campaigns,  we have received numerous emails and calls to learn more about this product. So here’s a brief FAQ on Innity’s #socialhub to fill you in about what your campaigns have been missing out on.

And if you’d like to check out some of the demos, you can find it here, and here.

So, what is Innity Social Hub all about?
Innity Social Hub is an initiative to help marketers reach and engage audiences by aggregating their branded social content, which will subsequently be amplified through ad placements on Innity’s network of publishers.

Say what?
OK. Imagine you’re a brand and you have presence in various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and WeiBo. You have great content but your current reach leaves much to be desired; no one is really consuming it. With Social Hub, we aggregate a handful of your popular posts from all your social platforms and distribute it to targeted publishers to attract new fans to join the conversation, thus increasing post views and time spent on the social posts.

How do you select posts to distribute? Is it automated and can the advertiser decide this?
The advertiser has access to the Social Hub dashboard and has full control over which social posts they want to pull into the ad in real time. Additionally, they can decide which audience pool to target within Innity’s vast network of publishers.

What type of ad formats are used to distribute the social posts?
One of the Social Hub formats is the Social Lightbox. Basically, the selected social posts are aggregated and placed into the Lightbox where users can browse and share the social content. Very soon, we will be extending the formats to more native placements that will be in-feed and in-read.

What can I expect from an Innity Social Lightbox campaign?
Increased reach, plenty of valuable new views and conversations, and extended time spent on your social posts. In fact, one of the first few Social Lightbox campaigns reached over 1 million viewers in a week, and users spent an average of nearly 1 minute browsing through the sponsored social posts.