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Monthly Digital Roundup #6

Mobile use is on the rise, more so now than before. But according to a recent study from PWC, marketers are still having a hard time transforming the device into a method of communications for brands. For this month’s Digital Roundup we’ll be focusing on mobile and sharing some statistics and pointers we’ve gathered across the WWW that will hopefully inspire your planning for 2015!

consumer barometer

Asia Leading Smartphone Use
Google has just validated your observations about Asians and their mobile devices. The Consumer Barometer Study found that smartphone use is greater than desktops in numerous SEA countries. Smartphone penetration rate Singapore and South Korea topped the global charts, while more than half the population of countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are already on their mobile devices. This could be your cue to start planning for mobile or you’ll be missing out.
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Why Do Certain Ad Units Work So Well on Our Brains? Psychology of the Interstitial
Interstitials have been one of the more effective ad formats on mobile. The folks from Celtra links up some psychological concepts with the reason behind the success of the format.
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Stand Out in The Digital Evolution
Nielson is known for collecting valuable data but this time we’re sharing some sage advice that we came across on their site. The saying goes that brands have about 90 minutes of the average smartphone’s time in a day to get your branding message across. So how can marketers that hold of these important moments and engage with them?
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Here’s How You Can Get People to Want to Click on Your Mobile Ads
Accidental traffic on smartphones happen quite often, thanks to the fat finger phenomenon. But as mobile devices are getting more integrated in our lives, marketers have more ways to utilized the collected data to evolve their marketing game.
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Responsive Website or Mobile App? Choose Your Weapon
That one question you’ll eventually have when you’re dealing with mobile. Which is more apt for you or your brand and what are their pros and cons? Here’s a descriptive post that will hopefully provide you with some answers.
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