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Monthly Digital Roundup #9

As mobile continues to disrupt the industry, it would only be apt for us to look into the various components of Mobile Advertising in this month’s digital roundup and examine how we could embrace what mobile has to offer. Covering stats on mobile use, differentiators of award winning mobile campaigns, to the promising future of cross-screen advertising, this month’s round up provides a comprehensive view on mobile that can kickstart or enhance your mobile marketing plan.

Digital, Social & Mobile in 2015
We’re great fans of WeAreSocial’s for their compilation reports in which they gather stats on the use of digital, social, and mobile use for over 240 countries in the world. Here’s some stats pulled out from this report that some of you may already know but still worth mentioning – over the past year, we’ve seen a steady drop of internet access on computers and the rise of mobile internet access across the globe, and although the rise of mobile varies from country to country, the decline of desktop use for internet access remains a steady occurrence.
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What Differentiates Winning Mobile Campaigns in APAC?
In order to better equip marketers to make mobile work for their brands it’s important to understand how to use mobile as a vehicle to deliver a holistic brand experience. With insights from the winning campaigns of SMARTIES APAC Awards, Mildward Brown summarizes the the multiple factors that made these campaigns stand out from the rest – and what marketers can learn from them.
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Are We There Yet? The Rocky Road To Mobile Measurement
In the early days of mobile marketing, metrics for measurement were quite basic. Marketers focused mostly on clicks and post-click interactions. New metrics have emerged these recent years, but how accurately do these measurements reflect ROI on adspend?
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Millennials and the Growth of Mobile Video
It’s not something uncommon for people to be turning to the Internet for news and entertainment. But as smartphone and tablet use has skyrocketed, so too has mobile video consumption. More viewers are choosing to access news and sporting events online in part because more live video content is available online.
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3 Things to Consider When Building a Mobile Advertising Campaign
With the skyrocketing amount of time consumers are spending on smartphones and tablets. it would be unwise for brands to continue using banner ads and recycled, shortened TV spots — techniques that not only don’t translate well to mobile but fail to take advantage of the platform’s central advantage: its immediacy. Here are 3 things that brands can take into consideration to tap into mobile.
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Cross-Device Advertising: How to Navigate Mobile Marketing’s Next Big Opportunity
There can not be any mention of mobile without tying it to cross-device advertising. The potential of cross-device lies within its ability for advertisers to provide more personalized messages and reduce impression waste. The proliferation of connected devices – is reshaping the consumer decision journey and impacting how consumers experience the world around them. This report by AdAge examines the cross-device trend, the challenges and opportunities it presents to advertisers, and what they can do to start planning for cross-device advertising campaigns.
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