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A Day in the Life of a Regional Ad Operations Manager in Innity!

 Image Credit: C4D Lab

Everybody, meet Phooi Yee! She’s our Regional Ad Operations Manager at Innity! 

So, can you tell us what a Regional Ad Ops Manager at Innity does?

Basically, I oversee the day-to-day operations and yield management across all countries. This involves campaign performance optimization, identifying and implementing enhancements and so on to make sure all campaigns perform well. I work very closely with internal departments like product development, business development, as well as the sales team to help improve our products and services.

What comprises a typical day for you?

The first thing I do when I get into the office is to check on the current active campaigns for any performance issues. From there, my day would then be packed with problem-solving, meetings, pre-campaign strategy planning and more. My most received question from clients and colleagues would probably be – “Is this doable?”.

So how do you keep up with how the industry changes?

I read a lot of industry articles and do self-learning by taking relevant online courses. Personally, I think that Udemy and Coursera offer some really good and affordable (and sometimes free!) courses.

What is your favourite part of your job role?

The interesting challenges I face on a daily basis and being in a dynamic industry with lots of possibilities for advancement keeps me going.

Any advice to give to those who are interested in joining Advertising Operations?

Being in ad ops would require you to have strong analytical skills because this role has moved into a more analytics-heavy direction. You will also need to be resourceful and creative to be able to think out of the box to identify new methods to drive the campaign performance from time to time. Ultimately, I believe having a positive attitude is everything. We should all learn how to dance in the rain!

As a manager in your department, how do you maintain a good work relationship with the team to ensure everyone works happily and productively?

Open communication, trust, and mutual respect.

What is it like to be an Innitian?

It’s genuinely a fun place to work. I am surrounded by supportive team members and colleagues. I really appreciate and value the flexibility and trust given to me to perform my tasks.