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Presenting Innity’s Top Creatives in March! [2018]

Having a powerful marketing strategy to capture the attention of audiences and create impression is undoubtedly important for a brand, but what’s more ideal for a brand to achieve long lasting top-of-mind awareness is to have a strategy that is not only powerful but also capable in building sustainable impression.

This month, we have advertisers from all over APAC such as Toyota in Cambodia, Munchy’s in Malaysia, and Uni-Pudding in Taiwan to show you how they create strong impressions in audiences’ mind and further strengthen their marketing positioning with Innity’s creative ad formats in order to stay at the top of the audiences’ mind.

Simply click on the links below to view the demo!

Advertiser: Toyota Co., Ltd., Cambodia
Product: Innity Responsive Lightbox

Toyota in Cambodia has launched a campaign, encouraging users to purchase any Toyota cars during this promotional period while allowing them to sign up for a test drive directly through the ad unit, if interested. The users were also given the chance to explore their options on the prizes from the lucky draw in the ad. Note that you can also activate sound to watch their promotional video! This ad format is the perfect choice for presenting more than one product in a single campaign! So, which would lucky draw prize would you choose?


Advertiser: Munchy’s Food Industries Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Agency: Unity Media Pte Ltd
Product: Innity Mobile Spin

In conjunction with the launching of Munchy’s Choco, Munchy’s has launched a campaign with Innity to raise awareness for its new product. This campaign utilised Innity’s ad format, Mobile Spin that prompts users to spin the ad unit for more content, allowing them to interact with the ad unit. With just a click on the wheel, it would then enlarge and expand into a half page ad unit with more content regarding the campaign. To attract and gain more traffic, Munchy’s included a few of the influencers’ review as one of the main content of the ad unit. After all, having influencers as part of the marketing strategy is the “in-thing” right now. 


Advertiser: Uni-Pudding, Taiwan
Agency: PRESCO Networks, Inc
Product: Innity Mobile Engage Plus Pull Up

It’s very important to inform and remind your audience about your brand from time to time especially when you are launching a new product or even when you’ve revamped your packaging so that your brand will always be at the audience’s top of mind. Uni-Pudding in Taiwan has recently launched a campaign to shout out about their new packaging through a fun and engaging marketing strategy. Uni-Pudding utilised one of their series of simple games from Facebook with Innity’s Mobile Engage Plus Pull Up as part of their campaign, enabling more interaction with their audiences. This campaign has successfully captured the right attention and created a strong (new identity) impression on their brand by integrating an engaging and creative game to the ad.  

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