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[June 2018: Top Creative] OldTown White Coffee Wants You to Take a Break and Have Some Mindful Breaths

Advertiser: White Cafe Marketing Sdn Bhd
Agency: IPG Mediabrands Sdn Bhd
Product: Innity Mobile Engage Plus Pull Up (View on Mobile)

Give yourself a moment’s thought on this: Of all the ads you’ve seen lately, how many of them actually cared about your psychological well-being?

OldTown White Coffee has always been the first name that comes to our minds when we talk about the most popular White Coffee brand in Malaysia due to its distinctive aroma and taste as well as inexpensive pricing. Recently, OldTown White Coffee Malaysia ran a campaign with Innity to promote its cafe chain using a subtle approach. Utilising Innity’s Mobile Engage Plus Pull Up ad format, the campaign was set to hold audiences’ attention on the ad unit using relaxing music and hypnotic powerful content with very little mobile touch gestures needed from the audiences.

How it works?
While ad is being served, audiences will be prompted to swipe up the ad unit to get started. Upon swiping up, audiences will be guided to put down their mobile phones and enjoy the ad (Click on it to experience it yourself!). The ad unit ends concisely with a CTA that directs audiences to OldTown White Coffee’s web page.

This campaign successfully achieved one of its objectives that bounds to encourage audiences taking a break and clearing their minds from whatever they are doing to focus better. Though the whole process takes only less than 1 minute to complete, it has proven that a short and simple advertisement could be very powerful if it takes into account human elements and psychology factors in its implementation.

Psst… you know what? This campaign has achieved a proud engagement rate that exceeds the benchmark range of 14% – 35%!

Have you checked the campaign out yet? If not, check it out here!

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