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[September 2018: Top Creative] Curiosity Doesn’t Always Kill the Cat!

Advertiser: Clarins Taiwan
Agency: Isobar Taiwan
Product: Innity Mobile Engage Plus Pull Up

There’s a saying that goes like this – “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”. To attract users to interact with the ad, we put the curiousity “game” in action; creating a curiousity gap into the ad. By creating a curiosity gap, it teases the users with a hint of what’s to come, without giving all the answers away. Hence, they’ll be compelled to click on the ad to see what’s up next.

Clarins Taiwan recently ran an ad campaign with Innity using Innity’s Mobile Engage Plus Pull Up ad format to raise awareness for one of its new products, Extra-Firming Day Cream, educating the audiences on the benefits of the the product. When the ad begins, an animated compression spring appears from below the screen with Clarins’ logo to spur audiences to interact with it. Once audiences engaged with the ad, they were able to find out more details about the product. All they needed to do was to pull up the compression spring on the ad! It will then expand to an overlay unit that fills up the screen with content and a CTA that directs the audiences to the official website of Clarins Taiwan.

Click here to experience the ad format yourself!

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