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HUAWEI Worked with Passionation to Host Biggest Influencer Gathering in Malaysia to Launch HUAWEI NOVA 5T

HUAWEI officially launched their new phone, HUAWEI nova 5T, in Malaysia recently.  Partnering with Passionation, Innity’s influencer marketing platform, they managed to gather more than 1000 young, stylish and trendy influencers to attend the Global Premier Launch of the phone.

  • Huawei nova 5T Global Premier Launch on the 27th August 2019.


The impact of influencers in the global market has been tremendously raised, adjacent to the trust placed by the audience in them. Recognizing this and seeing potential in Malaysia’s influencer market, HUAWEI partnered with influencers to bring their first global premier launch in Asia to the next level.

By working with Passionation, in two weeks, Huawei managed to enlist more than 1,000 influencers to attend the launch and join the campaign. The influencers consisted of both nano and macro influencers, from diverse verticals such as lifestyle, gaming, tech, photography, and fashion.

Among the influencers at the launch were lifestyle influencers Izzue Islam, Chang Yong, Stephy Yiwen; gaming influencers Le Josette, Ying Tze; and models Dr. Ben Gee and Nur Ezzanie. With different content created tailored specifically for different domains, HUAWEI was able to engage with a larger spectrum of audiences with a bigger impact.


TV hosts Hazeman Huzir and Maggy Wang both hosted the launching event, entertaining the audience with their brand of humor. Moreover, Youtuber Mark O’dea, professional gamer Pinda Panda, and singer actress Azira Shafinaz were also invited to each introduce their personal favorite features of the HUAWEI nova 5T.

The influencers were welcomed to the experiential rooms to try out the unique features of the phone firsthand. To further enhance the experience, the influencers could also experiment with the cameras of the HUAWEI nova 5T by taking pictures and have it sent to them on the spot.

The invited influencers were required to post on their feed during the event with a set of standardized hashtags.

Towards the end of the launch, all the influencers received a goodie bag from HUAWEI, which included 2 free HUAWEI mini Bluetooth speakers, one for themselves, and one to be given away to their followers, thus further increasing the overall reach.



HUAWEI nova 5T spiked in search numbers throughout social media platforms once the event commenced. More than a total of 2,000 Instagram postings and Insta Stories were uploaded merely a few hours into the event. According to Google search trends, HUAWEI nova 5T became the number one trending search on Google in Malaysia in less than a day.

With a combined follower count of 30 million, the 1,000 influencers presented HUAWEI with an impressive reach along with a good engagement rate of 4%.

Additionally, Midsummer Purple, one of the three colors offered for the HUAWEI nova 5T, sold out on HUAWEI’s official website in less than two days.

“It was remarkable how within such a short time, such an impressive amount of quality influencers could be recruited through a single platform. The response was outstanding and we would love to partner with Passionation for future campaigns.” – Roger He, Marketing Director of HUAWEI Malaysia.


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