Influencer Spotlight: Their Journey and Tips On Being The Philippines’ In-demand Influencers

Becoming an influencer or an on-the-rise content creator doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months, sometimes even years of constant content creation that is unique and is able to cater to a specific audience. One must have passion, determination, and commitment to really establish one’s voice and personal branding. What better way to learn this than by listening to some of the leading influencers of today? Here are 4 content creators to share their journey, insights, and tips on becoming an influencer.

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[Passionation Webinar Recap]: How To Establish Brands’ and Content Creators’ Voice in the New Normal

The crisis has paved the way for businesses to rethink their marketing strategies and adapt to the current situation.  In a collaborative effort with Penbrothers, we co-hosted a webinar last July 2, 2020 with Kristel De Ocampo, Passionation’s Associate Account Director and Gerick Manalo, a celebrity chef and content creator to talk about how to …

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5 Reasons Why Brands Need To Partner With Mom Content Creators Now

With the new surge of incoming first-time moms being millennials, they are all very social media savvy. In fact, there is currently a rise of mom content creators. They are great at connecting with their followers and being able to produce quality and engaging content. These moms also know their way around various platforms, particularly on Instagram, and a few even having their own blogs.

This means that moms are also becoming more and more tech savvy. Read more to know why brands need to partner with mom content creators now.

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