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Breaking Digital Barriers Through Live Streams

With the convenience and being able to purchase products immediately, live streaming for brands used to be popularly done on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Shopee, and Lazada. However, social media platforms can often play a better role when building a brand image and online presence, as many other brands fight to be seen and noticed on e-commerce platforms. 

Bringing their live streams onto a platform where consumers heavily interact with one another ups the chances of brands standing out. On top of that, working with influencers brings in trustability from the consumers as well, as it allows consumers to be more eager in engaging during the live streams.

Innity has assisted many brands in tailoring live stream campaigns according to their objectives and brief. Our team has the capability of guiding brands throughout the whole campaign process, from influencer recruitment, location scouting, equipment set up, content creation to campaign execution. Here’s how brands that have worked with Innity proved how social media platforms can be extremely useful in live streams. 


Rester is a health and wellness brand based in Thailand and approached Innity Thailand with the objective of raising brand awareness and driving sales. With this in mind, Innity Thailand recommended in hosting a 1-hour Facebook live stream with lifestyle influencer Jutharat Thuanthong.

During the live stream session, Jutharat demonstrated the features and USP’s of various Rester products and how they can benefit consumers’ lifestyles, driving consumers to purchase their products on Shopee. 

With more than 1 million Facebook followers, Jutharat Thuanthong was able to bring in over 13K video views and more than 900 engagements. Through the live stream, Jutharat also shared a special price offer available only for 3 hours to increase a sense of immediacy and exclusivity towards the live stream audience. The live stream session got amazing results and proved to be effective as within just one hour from the live stream, Rester achieved 500% in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Subway Malaysia

Subway Malaysia has worked with Innity once again in collaborating with influencers. With the launch of their new menu, the Subway Meat Stack, Subway Malaysia wanted to promote and create awareness on the new menu. With that in mind, Innity proposed to work with 3 influencers, Emelyn Poon, Mark Odea, and Izzue Islam in running 1-hour live stream sessions. These influencers were chosen to effectively target audiences of different languages, with each session hosted in English, Chinese, and Malay separately. 

With a total of over 4 million followers from the 3 influencers on their Instagram and Facebook, the influencers promoted the live stream through their social media platforms. Each influencer posted 2 Instagram photos, which were synced with their Facebook. The total of 6 social media postings garnered over 64K engagements and over 904K reach. In addition to that, the influencers also posted Instagram stories to drive people to join the live stream. 

Through the live stream, the 3 influencers interacted with the audience while making their own Subway Meat Stack sandwich. Allowing audiences to get a better understanding of what’s inside the new menu. Towards the end of the sessions, each influencer also gave a shout out to push audiences to join the Subway Malaysia’s RM500 voucher giveaway by commenting on the live stream, further boosting the audience’s interaction. The audiences actively participated and engaged with the live stream during the whole 1-hour session, resulting in a total of 18,616 live engagements from all 3 sessions and a high engagement rate of 2.35%. To find out more, check out Subway Malaysia’s Facebook page here!

These campaigns proved how effective live streams can be, with a much higher engagement rate and reach compared to social media posts. Live streaming provides endless means to interact with the audience, allowing brands to get creative in terms of the execution.

With the help of Innity’s expertise, brands can run live stream campaigns tailored to their objectives while working with the right influencers catered towards their target audience. To top it off, brands can also take their campaign to the next step by amplifying the content through Innity’s creative ad formats. 

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