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5 Powerful Reasons Why Shoppable Moments Create A Wow Factor For Your Brand

Shopping has changed for good, thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic that has accelerated consumer behaviour towards online shopping which has shown no signs of abating till now. Some top retailers in the world are convinced that most of the behaviour change will continue beyond the pandemic.

Physical stores have recorded a drastic drop in shoppers as consumers are now steadily migrating online to keep themselves safe, resulting in a spike in e-commerce spending. According to an eMarketer report, worldwide e-commerce is projected to approach $5 trillion in 2021, despite uncertainties in the retail industry.

What used to be a choice for brands to shift their market online is no longer an option but a great necessity to sustain and grow their businesses in this environment. This has sparked a hunger for interactive and seamless shopping experiences alongside enticing visuals that’s crucial for brands to gain digital retail success.

Additionally, consumers are now using their mobile devices to not only research the products or brands they are interested in, but they are also purchasing products in real-time. Brands like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more are also incorporating ad formats like Shoppable ads into their platforms as it caters to their users that want to buy instantly when they see something they like.

At this junction, in order to capture higher conversions of sales, brands can no longer ignore the demands to create shoppable moments for their audiences. It is an urgent effort that needs to be addressed right now or face astronomical risk of losing out to their competitors.

Hence the incorporation of shoppable ads should be incorporated as an essential online business strategy to accommodate consumers’ shopping notion of immediate purchase whenever they are surfing on the net.

What are Shoppable ads?


Shoppable ads are a direct response ad that allows users to purchase directly in the ad format itself at the moment of inspiration. The ad format usually includes a catalogue of products with its image, product name, description and pricing. These ads are catered to help eliminate long sales journey by having clickable content for consumers, creating a shortcut and streamlined purchasing journey with enhanced user experience. Although shoppable ads aren’t new, they are now more urgent than before as consumers are not only purchasing more online, but they are also looking for the most convenient way of purchasing items! 

Hence, if you are looking to further amplify your marketing strategies and drive powerful messages, Shoppable ads should be something that you should look into, and here are 5 powerful reasons why! 

1. Shorten your user’s purchase journey


Consumers these days are looking for fast and frictionless processes when they are shopping online and Shoppable ads are catered especially just for these shoppers.

Shoppable ads are so unique because it directs consumers straight to the brand’s checkout page when they are attempting to purchase their items, in other words, it takes your consumers straight from awareness to purchase in an instant. This makes it easier and faster for consumers to purchase products as it works just like a shortcut, eliminating traditional long sales journey that might not be working as well in today’s digital landscape.

Additionally, with Shoppable ads allowing consumers to make purchases in real-time, brands are also at an advantage as this ad format allows them to have a real-time inventory, where item availability is checked and updated to ensure seamless shopping experiences for their consumers.

2. Create a personalized experience with rich media creatives


Understand your target consumers and start personalizing your ads based on their demographics, location, interests, purchasing habits and more. These insights to personalize Shoppable ads will help brands to make recommendations based on the content that their consumers have previously consumed, and it will continue encouraging them to engage with the ad while also influencing their purchasing decisions. 

Besides that, the high-impact rich creatives that come with Shoppable ads have better metrics than traditional ads, because, instead of interacting with consumers through just text ads with words or display ads with pictures, rich media ads offer immersive creatives and powerful yet minimal content to connect with your audiences. Furthermore, the ad also gives consumers new exciting ways to engage with your brand or product, leading to increased conversions, click-through-rates and view rates. 

3. Grab your audience’s attention with seamless interactive digital shopping experience


Whether it’s checking out on a single page, being able to highlight multiple products all in one ad, or providing clear CTA’s that get your audiences to check out instantly, Shoppable ads have truly changed the game in the e-commerce sector due to their enhanced user experience.

Traditional ways like getting users to see an ad from your brand multiple times before they start to consider buying from you is not only a long process but in reality, the chances of getting conversions from these tactics are also slim. But, with an immersive shopping experience that doesn’t require consumers to leave the site, the chances of leading consumers to purchase could be higher compared to traditional ads.

Therefore, if your brand is interested in motivating your shoppers with the right message at the right time and want to shift your consumers’ mindset from browsing to buying instantly, Shoppable ads should be considered.

4. Sync your product catalogue to optimize conversions


With Shoppable ads, brands can now create a segment of their catalogue to show the right products to the right shoppers who are already interested in your brand. Consumers are no longer spending their time jumping between shops or browsing rack after rack, but instead, they are researching and looking at products online. So, a product catalogue online showcasing multiple different products is now as important as ever as it enhances user experience and shows them what they want to see within an ad, just with a simple swipe. 

5. Let your products look for people through data feed management


Consumers are now looking for an interactive mobile experience when they are attempting to purchase products and synching your product feed across multiple sales and marketing channels is important. With this, brands will be able to monitor, enrich and update detailed facts of products such as product name, description and price simultaneously. If done well, these strategies will help enhance the quality of your data feed and help brands to meet the exact needs of distribution platforms. Furthermore, feed management will also help brands automatically update product information and help optimize customers’ experiences.

Ultimately, one of the most important advantages of feed management is that even though a search-driven experience for consumers is important, feed recommendation plays a big role. The traditional way of feed recommendation in e-commerce is when brands display their products for people to look for them easily, but what if we can turn it around and follow the idea of “products looking for people” instead?

Interactive e-commerce that is effective follows the “product looking for people” idea which is a great model for mobile users and fragmented time of internet use on mobile. Learn your consumer’s preferences, let the products appear to them instead and create a personalised experience for them through feed management to centralize traffic around your products.

In conclusion, Shoppable ads have multiple attractive benefits when they are implemented with the right strategy of presenting your entire brand story within the span of an ad unit.

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Additionally, if you are looking to incorporate the “products looking for people” idea instead of allowing your consumers to look for your products only when they need to, we also have a few ad units that could help you achieve your marketing objectives.

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